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Thursday, January 7, 2010

10 Guaranteed Ways to Succeed in Blogging

I'd like to believe I'm not alone and all bloggers struggle with blogging. Steve Snell addresses this issue on DailyBlogTips with 10 great tools. Here's the gist of what he suggests:

1. Building Significant Search Engine Traffic Will Take Time.
New blogs generally take several months, at least, before they gain enough trust from search engines to produce any type of significant flow of traffic. If you are planning to focus on search engines as your primary source of traffic, you would be well advised to also focus on some other sources of traffic, especially in the early months.
Building a blog that is search engine-friendly is critical if you want to maximize search traffic, so take care of that from the start and focus on creating great content that others will talk about and link to.
2. Not All Traffic Is Equal.
No two sources of traffic are quite the same. I get a good percentage of the traffic at my blog through social media, and I can attest to the fact that social media traffic is generally less responsive and less likely to stick around than visitors from most other sources. Focusing on stats without looking at the true results can cause a bit of an illusion. Sure, visitors are great, but are they leaving after being on the blog for 30 seconds and never returning?
Search engine traffic is highly sought after because these visitors are actively looking for what you have to offer. But other types of traffic have strong points too. Visitors who are referred from another blog will generally be more responsive since they have been recommended by someone they trust. Every source of traffic has pros and cons, so try to take these things into consideration when you are promoting your blog and analyzing the results.

There are more, but the point is if you're having problems with any facet of your blogging, there's help out there. You simply have to look. Lucky for us, experts, like Steve want to share. Check out his post.

Thanks Steve.

--Happy Blogging
 ps. Sorry to hear about the terrible weather on the east coast. We've got family over there, so here's hoping you keep warm.

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