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Thursday, November 6, 2008


Global BC's meteorologist, Mark Madryga warns it's going to snow this afternoon. That's a perfect time to sit back and watch the bald eagles fish -- Oops, I mean a perfect time to edit, write, or revise. An eagle just flew by my window and interrupted my thoughts. Which illustrates just how easy it is to distract me.

Cluculz Lake is approximately fourteen kilometers long and a kilometer wide. Our home is situated roughly in the middle on the north side of the lake and about fifty feet above water level. We can see approximately four to five km to the west and two to three to the east, before the lake disappears around the bend. At this time of year, there's a lot of activity with large flocks of birds preparing to migrate. The robins have long gone. Occasionally a lone swan flies past. (Did you know although they mate for life, they will "divorce" if there's a mishap building the nest?) I haven't seen a loon in weeks. There are still plenty of ducks.

Yesterday morning, I spotted two eagles fishing out front. I called to my husband so he could also appreciate them. Eagles are such majestic creatures. It wasn't until I looked closely that I realized they weren't fishing for fish. Fifteen to twenty ducks were swimming past, fighting the waves. The eagles took turns dive-bombing the ducks, then flipping over with talons extended. The ducks turned fast and swam toward the eagles, and literally "ducked" underneath those talons. They don't turn away from eagles, ever. It as if they're saying, "We're scared to death, but bring it on, buddy."

I live in the wilderness and yet it never fails to make my stomach lurch when I see nature at its most ... I want to say savage, but it's really MotherNature's way of balancing nature. I had to turn away from the window. My husband stood guard and reported that the eagles were unsuccessful and now sitting in my neighbour's trees. The fifteen or so ducks were hiding under the wharf.

I let out a deep sigh and went back to my desk overlooking the lake. Forty minutes passed before the eagles took off to the east. Seconds later, the ducks popped up from under the wharf and headed in the opposite direction.

Nature has its moments. And this article definitely encapsulates my favouritism. Fishing for fish is fine, but not for ducks.

Back to editing....