Sunday, June 15, 2008

Are you a slave to your computer?

Three blogs does not a blogger make

I’ll get to the reason for that in a moment.

Early April my desktop computer crashed. It was just a few days after my good buddy bought one of those nifty new laptops with the built-in camera. I was neither envious nor frazzled. In fact, I wasn’t sweating a thing. I had my trusty old laptop. A Celeron almost seven years old and still running like a charm.


Three days into my publishing forte it betrayed me by waking up with the dreaded “blue screen”. I’m no slouch when it comes to computers, so when I say I tried everything I tried everything. Five days passed. I was desperate. I was frantic. My blood count was out of whack. I swear my entire body was leaning to the left.

Day 5, I vowed enough was enough and announced I was off to town. Out of habit, I simply pressed the on-button on my laptop in passing. Nobody was more shocked but thrilled when the dang thing opened Windows.


I whipped off my coat (it’s still winter here), sat down, and embraced the ole thing. “I love my laptop. I love my laptop!”

That was Friday. By Tuesday the friggin blue screen was back. So on Wednesday I went to town and bought an IMAC!

There was only one problem. The store was out of modems. I had to wait until Friday.

Oh my Lord!

But hey, I’m survivor. And I’ve worked with computers for 21 years. How difficult can switching to a MAC be?

The nice lady who sold me my brand new MAC thought for sure there was a trial Office-Mac installed.


I spent that day and the next downloading music because I was too embarrassed to call the tech guys at London Drugs AGAIN. At one point I did have a mini nervous breakdown when I came back to my awesome new IMAC and it wouldn’t eject my cd! I was scouting through the house for a thin pair of tweezers when I heard this "whooshing"sound. Suffice to say it did eject my music cd, and the two days sped past. Friday I was so excited. I was up and dressed by 6:30.

Only they didn’t call until 12:35 to say my modem was in. Then there was the hour drive to town. I remember vaguely someone saying I looked a bit pale. Anyway, I was back home by 15:00. Strangely, nobody asked, "What's for supper?" Or if they did, I can’t remember. I was online! After only one call to the tech guy who actually knew me by name at this point….

Okay, now back to the “does not a blogger make"

Try coming up with a nifty theme for your blog after all this! I was dumbfounded as to what I could write. I stared at a blank screen (between watching Tiger Woods play awesome golf!) all day yesterday and today. I’m only now ready for bed and feeling oh so apologetic. Maybe after a good night’s sleep I’ll come up with a blog idea for tomorrow.

If you're a fan of Mac, repeat after me: Yay Mac!

The rest of you: Yay Internet!


  1. Yay Internet!

    Glad you're back on it. We miss you when you're blue screened out of our lives.

  2. Oh, Joylene, what a time you had! But I'm glad you're finally all situated. I tried a MAC last winter at my cousin's house, and was totally frustrated. I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out how to attach and send a file!!! I guess you need to know all the lingo in Macspeak, or something. I didn't, so I bombed out. LOL. Thanks for the lovely email. ;o)


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