Friday, June 6, 2008

Hot Air...

Blogging has become the norm. Everyone has one. It's the in-thing to do.

I resisted for years, believing no one would want to hear what I have to say. And that in itself is a strange thought considering I'm a writer.

Only I'm more of a storyteller. My compositions are derived from my imagination. Not my often mundane life. I sit at a computer for hours, days, something months without contributing to the world around me. What could I say that was worth your time to read?

And then it struck me that I am experiencing something worth mentioning. I've recently published one of 5 old manuscripts. This one I'd started in 1991. Gads, that's 17 years ago!

Because I was convinced that after all these years I couldn't possibly make it any better, I had only decided to print one copy for myself. Something to hold in my hands, call my own. And I would have been satisfied with that if my family hadn't gotten so excited.

I never considered what they must have thought with me stuck at the computer for so many years. I told them I was writing books, but what does that mean to a non-writer, really?

When that first copy of Dead Witness arrived in the mail, my husband was more excited than I was. He told everyone. And then requests started coming in: "Where can I get my copy?" One thing led to another and viola,
I went the route I never suspected I would go: I've self-published.


t almost sounds pornographic.

What does it mean exactly?

It means my manuscript wasn't grabbed up by a big publishing house, or even a small publishing house. It means I have enough rejection letters in my file to wallpaper my ensuite. It means the business of publishing said that I wasn't good enough, that my book wasn't good enough.

o date, I've sold 5 copies.

ha ha ha

Kidding aside, Self-publishing really means I believe in myself. The heck with what publishers believe. Or agents for that matter; I've had 3 , & I'm here to say they're fickle.

Anyway, it's a beginning.

The next step is exactly what I'm doing now, blogging. Apparently, blogging is the way to go if I want to be successful. I haven't figured out what blogging has to do with selling my book, but I'm not tempting fate & arguing about it.

Hopefully my blogs will be interesting, informative, & maybe a bit entertaining. My mandate is to share with you the ins & outs of being an author. What's it all about: this strange obsession to tell stories? Then force them on the public?

Guess we'll have to wait & see.

Maybe we can figure it out together.

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