Saturday, June 7, 2008

In the beginning, God created the storyteller.

I used up the entire morning trying to figure out how to add links to my blog, but--Enough already! I'm on a roll with this: "A day in the Life of a Writer" stuff.

DEAD WITNESS isn't my first novel. I started with
Alway's Father's Child, a coming-of-age story about the complicated relationship between a woman and her dad. Suffice to say, it was a 7-year learning tool. The book's on a shelf somewhere amongst my clutter, collecting dust.

DEAD WITNESS was my true beginning as a storyteller. The spark of its conception came to me one morning back in '91 while my brother was visiting from Whitehorse, Yukon. He was on the phone talking shop to one of his employees, (my bro's a PI/Security Consultant)--when this question popped into my mind:

If I disappeared and was presumed dead, would my big brother leave it at that?

And as easy as that the story began playing through my mind like a video; Dvds didn't exist yet. I saw Valerie McCormick, who just happened to look exactly like Cheryl Ladd when she was 38, scouting Lake Union for a Bayliner. I saw her witness a horrific crime. And then through circumstances she couldn't control, I saw Valerie forced to give up the most precious gift a woman could ever give away: her children.

I've always been a strange fish, but honestly I felt her pain. I was devastated for her. Three months later, I typed THE END.


I mean it took 7 years to write AFC. And then 3 months for DW! I was definitely on a roll. Of course, then I joined an online writer's group called Novelpro
, whereupon the late author and wonderful storyteller, Jan Holloway critiqued my manuscript.


I learned a great deal from Jan, bless her heart. And as for NovelPro founder, J.R.Lankford, I'm forever in her debt. With the help of many gifted writer/critiquers, like Keith Pyeatt, Art Tirrell, Alan Jackson, Dave Shields, JoAnn Hernandez, to name a few, I fine-tuned Dead Witness into the well-crafted, well-written suspense thriller it is today. Several years later, I joined Novels-L, and then DeadlyProse.

If you've written a novel and are ready to take the next step, Novelpro, Novels-L, or DeadlyProse are vital to your nuturing as an inspiring writer. They're all worth their weight in gold.

But enough with the cliches...

When I was a kid, my dad nicknamed me Josephina, the laughing hyena, with the long wind--
So--enough with the history. Tomorrow I'll try and come up with something brilliant and original. Like the time I wrestled an audience member to the floor so I could get a better look at Bruce Springsteen.

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