Saturday, November 29, 2008

Meatloaf: Even Writers Have To Eat.

This is one of those easy recipes that's just perfect is you're short on time, facing a deadline or simply experiencing a surge of creativity and wish not to be disturbed.

One pound of hamburger.
1/2 cup onions chopped finely
1 cup of smashed cornflakes
salt & pepper
garlic powder
a tablespoon of onion soup mix
a squirt of HP sauce
a few drops of soy sauce
2 eggs

Mix all ingredients together. Form into a loaf. Bake in a 350 degree oven for 1 hour. If you double the recipe, the family can have meatloaf sandwiches for dinner tomorrow night.


  1. Sounds tasty! Meatloaf is a mainstay. My recipe includes bread crumbs, plus coarsely grated carrot and potato. Then for really rushed meals I can just add a salad.

  2. Actually, Careann, I've been known to throw just about anything in my meatloaves. It was one of my sons favourite meals. If they asked what's for dinner, & I replied "Meatloaf" they'd be on time. lol

    The best part: sandwiches the next day.

    I make a mean chicken dinner too. With sons, there was never anything fancy, requiring special spoons. They're such a refined bunch. (g)

  3. I've got a recipe for dessert----it's lemon pie
    1/2 cup lemon juice
    1 can Eagle Brand milk
    1 package cream cheese
    Beat that all together and pour into a graham cracker crust (I buy it)
    It will be a little runny (is that a word) but will set up very quickly in the fridge.
    THEN I smear sugar free Cool Whip on top---
    people think I'm Betty Crocker---I'm not kidding----don't tell them how easy this is--


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