Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'm taking my friend Marta's lead and summarizing what 2008 meant to me:

January - 2007 is spent grieving the loss of a loved one. Early January, we pay off our mortgage. Our achievement is overshadowed by the conditions in Afghanistan. Our son hints that he'll be deployed to Kandahar in late summer. By mid-January, fighting has escalated. 2,500 Canadian soldiers are serving in Afghanistan. To date 77 have died. I teach Tai chi and continue marketing Dead Witness.

February - Visit for two weeks with my best friend in Kelowna. Catch a nasty flu and spend week two sic in bed. Flying home in a blur. Late February, a friend from college succumbs to cancer. Life seems very fragile.

March - World Changing paperback edition published. Novel is a best-seller. The 600-page how-to-book offers solutions to a sustainable future. North American is beginning to take our environment seriously. Green is the word of the day. Fighting is fierce in Afghanistan; casualties continue to mount.

April - A friend publishes one copy of his novel. I'm so impressed with how professional it looks that I follow suit. I work on the cover for Dead Witness. No thought goes into what will happen next. I'm still marketing. I've stopped hunting for an agent though; they all seem a bit squirrelly. Our son, Cory suggests I buy a ticket in August to visit him. He's 99% sure he's being deployed to Kandahar in September. Casualties in Afghanistan mount. My mother-in-law celebrates her 92nd birthday. She still lives on her own, but she admits that being old isn't fun.

May - My copy of Dead Witness arrives. My husband is thrilled. I'm so pleased I order two more copies, one for my best friend's birthday, another for my critiquing buddy in New Mexico.

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