Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why Do I Have To Market?

Blogging is creating content that one feels is of interest to the reading public. Those of you who blog know how difficult that can be. Similar questions arise: What in my life would interest you?

There's no easy answer to that. But it brings to mind (with the excitement of this week's inauguration) that what brings us together is our humanity. It's the one thing that binds all nations under God. And thus seems like a good subject for blogging.

As a Canadian, I was moved by Tuesday's ceremonies. While listening to President Obama's speech, I too was filled with hope. As far back at his win in the primaries, I experienced that sensation. Seeing it come to pass on Tuesday was the icing on the cake. There is a chance that the future for Canada, The United States and Mexico, and even the rest of the world will be brighter. That's what I feel and now I'm attempting to focus on that in my blogs.

Still not an easy task.

I've been of the mind that my past dictates my future. I'm never going to know what it feels like to be in the inner circle. I'm not going to be filthy rich nor eternally famous. I'm destined to be just one of millions of Canadian mums trying to make her mark in her small world.

And yet, here is a man raised by a single mother whose father was a sheep herder in Nairobi, and he's now the President of the United States. Makes my limited view of my future seem rather limited, wouldn't you say?

As you may already know, I'm blogging because I'm a published author and apparently blogging is part and parcel of that. I'm still not sure why. I think it may have something to do with how many authors there are. And on how many actually succeed in being best sellers. I'm blogging because on my own, my reach is short. Though I believe I've written a good story (Dead Witness), I don't have the facilities outside blogging to reach the masses. Therefore, blogging it is. Not to mention book signings, readings, interviews and tours. If I believe in my book, it's up to me to spread the word. Funds allowed.

Yes, here comes the BUT...

Mr. Obama decided somewhere along his life that he was destined to serve. He's obviously lived his life with that goal in mind. Kudos to him. He worked hard and now his dream is a reality.

For as far back as I can remember, I wanted to write stories. I paid relatively close attention in school. I went to graduate school. I did everything I could to hone my craft. I wrote one story, then another and another. Today I'm published. Readers are enjoying my book. In those terms, I'm a success. Kudos to me.

So why do I have to blog, tour, do interviews, signings and readings?

I'm scheduled to do a book reading at the Prince George Library Tuesday night at 7 o'clock and a book signing at Coles Books in the Pine Centre Mall sometime in February. Hope to see you there. And for those of you who have discovered the truth behind marketing, please stop by and let me know.


  1. Marketing seems to be every author's least favourite task, but if you reverse the perspective and think of it as providing an opportunity for the public to discover a great book they might otherwise not find, it puts a more positive spin on it. Before he could become President, Obama first had to put himself out where he could be seen and get known. He had to make the effort and so do we if we want to reach our own goals.

    Of course politicians seem to have the kind of nature that makes them gravitate to the limelight while writers tend to prefer living a more solitary lifestyle. The analogy only goes so far. ;)

  2. You're darn straight---Kudos to YOU, Joylene.

    You ARE published, which makes you my hero!

    Being the gracious, unselfish writer that you are, I'd love nothing better than to see paths open to you for marketing and will help in any way I can.

  3. Thank you, ladies. I kept your positive thoughts in mind while I did my first on air interview for CBC. The young woman was very gracious, and that made it a good experience. Still, I'll be glad when Tuesday night is over.

    oh, my interview is broadcasted Monday morning at 8:15.

  4. Joy, I think we blog because we "write". Does that make sense, it's what we do.
    I'm proud of you for stepping our and marketing your book.
    By the way, you are rich and famous in my book!

  5. I tried to listen in on your interview this morning but unfortunately neither of the CBC stations in Vancouver carried it. :( I even tried to download the livestreaming from Prince George's station but apparently only PCs are supported for that and I'm on a Mac. Drat!

    It made me wonder: any chance one day you might add an audio/visual option to your website so you can post interviews here? Or even record your own reading from home and post it on YouTube so you can link to it? It would be another outreach opportunity for you.

  6. Excellent idea, Careann. I didn't get to hear it either. I've got a Mac so I'm a alittle lost. I'll see if my son can figure that out for me. Now I'm worried that the interview was dorky. Gads!

  7. I sincerely doubt it was dorky. Your written work proves you have a way with words and I'm quite sure the interview went just fine. I just wish I could have heard it.

  8. On the topic of marketing - A realtor friend called the house when she (somehow?) heard that my book was out. My wife took the call & (after the bubbly catch up chat) our friend asked if she could buy 5 books. Great - Right? We're meeting up with her at our favorite beachside restaurant this Saturday so she can get her copies. Guess who will be buying lunch & drinks.... Now THAT's some serious marketing.

    (It's OK really - but it was fun teasing my wife about it later.)


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