Thursday, January 29, 2009


Unable to type yesterday got me thinking. Could I adapt to one-hand typing? What if my satellite connection quit? What if I had to go back to my IBM typewriter and could no longer connect with my online friends? Oh my Lord, could I survive? Would I?

Human beings can do just about anything needed to adapt to change; they've proving that enough times. I say this on the eve of last night's CBC show: The National News. They did a story on the economic situation in Canada verses what's happening in America, China and Britain. Compared to those countries, we have it easy. Unless you ask someone in Mackenzie or Osawa.

My reading Tuesday night at the Library is partially responsible for my heightened optimism. If you're a published writer feeling a bit discouraged about the book industry, stand in front of a group of writers and readers for 90 minutes. I dare you not to come away feeling inspired. Satellite disconnection, one-hand typing on an old IBM or pen to paper notwithstanding, writing is a God-given gift. Nothing should get in the way of you and that thing you love most: writing.

The snow out my window is one more reason I'm happy. It's a perfect day to snuggle up with my keyboard, despite one-hand typing. Lastly, I watched Charlie Rose's interview with John Grisham last night after The National News (kicking myself for not taping him) and I fell asleep thinking 'If Mr. Grisham can do it, I can too.'

One last thought: Have you subscribed to Copyblogger yet?


  1. Fantastic post, Joyelene! Mirrored what so many of us have thought in the back of our minds---that "what if" our connection to our friends didn't exist?

    Enjoyed reading this!

  2. Hi Carol. Yes, wouldn't it be horrible if there was a mass internet shutdown! Frightening thought.

  3. I agree, getting up in front of readers and writers is revitalizing! I did just that in Denver and was terrified to do so, having spent several days leading up to it generally panicked.

    I think next time, I'll relax and simply look forward to it, remembering how positive the experience is. Thanks Joylene!

  4. A friend of mine advised that I not worry too much about being prepared. I took my book, two other chapters from unpublished work, and an article on POV. I also had a door prize. The lady who won my book was thrilled.

  5. Re: your comment about Copyblogger -- it's always full of such good ideas. I've been following it off and on since before I began blogging myself. Brian Clark is quite the entrepreneur. The site says it has over 50,000 subscribers and over 130,000 visitors per month--obviously lots of people found it long before I did!

    As for losing touch with "out there", sometimes I spend way too much time meandering cyberspace and I wonder if a little enforced downtime might be a good thing for my writing. The minute I start thinking that, mind you, I remember how desperate I feel when my internet goes down and I start praying it won't happen... not right now, pleeeeez! ;)

  6. i can so relate, Careann. It's 9:25 and I'm still reading emails and blogs. I should be writing!


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