Thursday, January 15, 2009

You Already Knew

Carol Percer, from Liberty, Texas is an office manager for a hose distributor corporation in Houston. A huge old film buff, with a passion for silent films like Valentino and Swanson, Carol is fascinated by all things "gangster". She's currently working on a book set in the 40's in Hollywood. The story pits her two passions together: the mob in the movie industry, with this question at heart: what draws the dames to the mobsters?

Carol is a mother, a music lover and a writer.

Glad you're here, Carol.

Thank you, Joylene. I'm happy to be here, and to share a story close to my heart.

A dear friend of mine, thanks to the wonders of modern medicine, regained her hearing after being completely deaf for thirty-nine years. I don’t know who had more joy from her experience----my friend, for a glorious world of sounds which opened up for her; or me, for her blessing bringing to my attention the everyday miracles that I always took for granted. I wrote this poem for her for Thanksgiving, trying to find a way to express the pleasure I received from seeing her discovery of those things that are so common for us---but miracles for her.

“You Already Knew”
By Carol Percer

You already knew that
A soft drink can hisses when the tab is pulled,
A potato chip bag crinkles really loud when it’s opened,
Forks, spoons and knives clang when you open the silverware drawer,
Food makes a sizzling sound in a frying pan,
Your shoes make noise with every step you take,
Water makes a splashing sound when you pour it in a glass,
A toilet makes a swooshing sound when you flush it,
A door makes a thud when you close it.
I didn’t know that.

You already knew that
A car makes a noise when you start the engine then
Purrs as it’s running,
An airplane hums as it passes in the sky above,
A lawnmower roars as it glides over the grass,
A hammer pounding echoes loudly as it strikes a nail,
A fan buzzes as its blades turn,
A light switch makes a clicking sound when you flip it,
Scissors make noise as they cut paper,
Windows make noise when you open or close them.
I didn’t know that.

You already knew that
No two people have the same voice,
Dogs do not sound the same as cats,
Babies don’t sound like grown ups when they talk,
Different species of birds sing different songs or that birds make sounds at all,
Wind makes a soft sound when it blows through trees,
Rain makes a gentle sound when it hits the ground,
Gravel makes a crunching noise under your shoes.
I didn’t.

But the moon, sun and stars don’t make any sound after all.
I didn’t know that. But now I do.


  1. How moving. And so true. Like everybody else, I've taken my eardrums for granted too long. Yet, remember as kids when we'd play that game, "Which sense could you do without?" I just couldn't imagine not hearing. Not seeing wasn't a pleasure thought either, but you'd still be able to hear.

    I'm off to give thanks for little things.

  2. Got me thinking. Yes, I take too much for granted. Usually I think to be grateful for my family and friends. But you're right, Carol. I should wake up everyday and put "Thank you body" back into my daily prayers.

  3. This is one very nice young lady with the typical Texas drawl. (I finally got to hear her voice on the phone). She is someone I am very proud to call friend.

    Well written young lady.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Unwriter. I agree. Ms. Percer has a wonderful style and equally endearing voice.

  5. How wonderful that your friend regained her hearing! Thank you for showing us that those annoying little noises that we take for granted are, in their own way, quite miraculous.

    And thank you, Joylene for posting this poem.

  6. A very thought provoking post.


  7. Hi Pat. Thank you so much for taking the time to read Carol's poem. I know how full your plate is. But I also knew you'd like what you read.

  8. PS, thanks for stopping by. I'm thrilled I was able to share Carol's poem.

  9. Joylene, thanks so very much for being gracious enough to let me share this experience on your blog! You are truly a dear and an angel!

  10. "...A huge old film buff, with a passion for silent films like Valentino and Swanson,..."

    Now Joylene, just because Carol is a film buff, is that any reason to call her huge and old? She doesn't look huge or old in the picture. Quite the contrary, she looks... Oh wait! Ah, now I get it. *pause and smile* Nevermind.

    My tribute, at your expense, to the late Gilda Radner's Saturday Night Live character, Emily Litella.

    Thanks for the poem, Carol, and for the reminder to be thankful for what we have.


  11. Keith, you little cutie petoonie, thanks for stopping by. I loved Gilda. What a gift she had.

  12. I'm told there is even sound in what we call silence. How wonderful to share here in the miracle of something we too often take for granted. Thank you.

  13. Thanks so very much, Sam, Ron, Paul, Cap and Careann for reading and commenting. It's a joy to share this friend's miracle. And bushels of thanks to Joyelene for her sweetness in giving me a platform to share these feelings.

  14. Such a lovely way to honour a friend and remind all of us how fortunately we are. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Lovely tribute, a friend of mine, recently deaf misses birdsong more than anything...

  16. Kathleen---thanks for sharing that. The other side to this that we don't think about much unfortunately---losing our hearing after having had it for so long.

  17. Yes, Kathleen and Carol, losing our hearing can be so dramatic. My mother-in-law is very hard of hearing, and that effects everyone around her. I know there are days when she just wants to be alone because she misses so much.


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