Saturday, February 28, 2009

Environmental Guardians

My friend, Careann brought to mind what my quiet part of the world consists of these days: writing and winter. The view from our window is so vast (14 kms of lake) that I often spot black dots on the ice that only turn out to be moose, bears, or lynx with the aid of my binoculars. Seldom do they venture close enough to pose for a photo.

In the summer, bears wonder into our yard, and my dog quickly chases them up the nearest tree, while I grab my camera. Then it's dog indoors so my friend can leave. Generally most of our wildlife neighbours venture through the area at night under a full moon. I used to walk the loop (our road runs back into itself along the lake around to the creek) until it became known that the bush in the center was shared by a moose and her calf or a bear and her cubs.

I worry a lot about what we are doing to the environment. I worried long before being "green" was fashionable.
 I can remember as a kid wondering where all the animals would go as we encroached on their territory. My godfather told me that as human beings we were meant to have dominion over all animals. That didn't make it any easier to accept. Even today when we go to town and see our highway trenches a mecca for dead deer, moose, raccoons, and wolverines, the unease sits heavy on my chest. That's why I'm so grateful for those who do spend their lives protecting these creatures and our land. Not enough thanks is given. They're generally seen as nuisances, interfering in our demanding industries: forestry, hunting, and neighbourhood expansions.

Thank you Everyone.


  1. As you know, where we live city meets country at the foot of the mountains, and wildlife regularly remind us that we're in their back yard, not so much the other way around. I watched a deer munch her way around the perimeter of our property this afternoon, taking advantage of the snow-free areas underneath the trees. She watched me as I watched her. She was cautious of my presence and I didn't want to disturb her any further by going out on the deck to take her picture so I took them through my window. I posted a couple on Flickr at

    We coexist pretty well in these semi-rural areas, but unfortunately the animals also end up in the towns' more populated locales and have to be relocated or destroyed because people can't cope with them there. It's such a shame.


  2. It is a shame. The photos are outstanding. The deer were close! I love the back porch shot. Beautiful pics, Careann.

  3. Thanks. I love my woodsy surroundings here but my view isn't anything like yours. It would be nice if I could bring our little Cariboo lake home with me but it wouldn't fit on our 2-1/4 acre lot. Good thing I like trees, too.

  4. What's that white stuff on the ground?

    The first time I saw a Florida deer I thought it was just a big dog.

    Speaking of dogs - Your dog actually chases bears away? Guess you don't need an alarm system on that house!

    Nice pics.

  5. Yes, our dog, Bandit thinks bears want to play when they come in our yard. He chases them, hoping they'll chase him back. He's very beautiful, a Syberian Husky with white eyes, but he's dumber than a door nail.

    Thanks for dropping by, Dave. Have a good day!

  6. "Dumber than a door nail" Hah!
    & obviously faster than a bear

    Wanna borrow our cat? UPS goes to your area - right?

  7. Did you say "cat"!!! Sheesh, don't be saying that. We have 3 housecats, 1 shop cat and 1 yard cat (all strays; #5 is newest).

    When #3 cat showed up on front deck 3 yrs ago, I grabbed Bandit, pulled him to the window and said, "Scare cat!"

    He wagged his tail.

    So, with a tight hold on his leash, I took him out front. "Scat cat!"

    Cat then approached dog, rubbed along leg, then other leg, and dog (dumber than door nail) sniffed cat, then gave her one big lip from under chin to top of head. It was disgusting. They now sleep together. I'm the joke of the neighbourhood.

    Our #1 stray, ex-wild white cat, Buster is the watch dog. When a bear comes in the yard, Buster stands on his hind feet at the balcony doors and growls. I feel safer with Buster around than I do Bandit.

  8. Just kidding about the cat. He's actually more like a dog. His name is Nubbin Scubinski - Nubber for short. He's 15 & all he really likes to do is sleep in HIS chair on the back porch during the day.

    Funny story about Buster & Bandit. You should turn it into a short story for a pets magazine.

    Did you post anything today or is my blogger thing screwy. I clicked on & ended up on a post from 12/31.

  9. Did you post today? I think the problem is on my "followed" list. I'm gonna email ya anyway.


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