Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm Writing High

Hate to admit it, but I'm exerting more control over my (WIP) work-in-progress this time round. I'm using those secret tools Mr. Grisham talks about. I'm layering on the suspense. I don't actually know what Mr. Grisham's secret tools are, but I'm a suspense writer, so I can guess. If you've read anything nonfiction by Bickham or Stein, you know what I'm talking about: red-herrings, foreshadowing, transitions, sentence structure, rhythm and settings. Anything to mess with my reader. Because? Yes! I owe it to them.

I'm still not able to do manipulate the storyline to this extent in the first draft though. One more reason I don't start off with an outline. Writing free style helps me know my protagonist. Through writing his or her story, or both, I learn the important aspects to any good story: protagonist, goal, conflicts, setting, antagonist, and theme. Oh, and let's not forget voice. All those things help me understand my protagonist better ... better than I understand myself (my characters are more interesting than I am).

Writing is a thrill that makes my skin tingle, my focus tight, and time fly. In the thralls of a full blown writing spree, I lose all track of time. Luckily, my husband is the morning cook in our house. I can rise from bed, walk to the computer, plop myself down, then stop to have breakfast when it's ready.

What's really thrilling is our son Jamie is visiting for a few days, and Jamie loves cooking. Which means dinner will be taken care of. I should jot down my word count during his visit and see just how much writing I get done. Could be grounds for hiring a cook full-time. If I can find one who'll work for free.


  1. Yay for visiting family! But I rarely get much writing done when ours come because I'm too busy soaking up their presence and enjoying the grandchildren. :)

    Glad to hear your current w-i-p is progressing well. I'm still reworking my opening chapters. I don't usually edit as I go, but there are bits here that desperately need sorting out before I can carry on.

  2. I found this WIP's opening caused me some problems too. I'm chalking it up to recognizing problematic issues that would have slipped by me 4 years ago.

    Jamie's son is 18 and not as inclined to hang with his dad like he used to. And of course, there's the girlfriend to think of. lol Jamie's here helping his dad get wood.

  3. Sounds like you've caught fire. Yay. Feed the flames and burn, baby, burn.

    Go Jo!


  4. I'm sorta with ya on the outline, but I do make notes on 'thoughts' or plotlines that I want to include (once they pop in my brain). It's always possible to go back during re-write to 'kick it up a notch'.

    As for cooking .... I can barely make grilled cheese & recently learned that it IS possible to turn the whistle end of a teapot into a missile. I'm not allowed near the stove anymore.

  5. By the way - The pictures on your website are fantastic. Well done.

  6. Hi,Aunty Jo! this is your best buddy's(who is Judi) granddaughter,Madison!I havent read your books but i bet they're good! bye!(mom says meatballs!)

  7. Hi Madi. So great hearing from you. Glad you stopped by. Miss you madly. Have a great weekend.


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