Monday, March 16, 2009

Enough Time

I'm scared. People keep sending me links to blogs about anything related to writing. I've listed many of them under My Blog List, but if I add more -- I can barely get through the ones listed now. And that's frustrating. If life were fair, while DH made me breakfast every morning, I'd read through the first half. Then finished before 10 am. After that, I'd spend the rest of the day writing. If life were perfect, that is.

I shouldn't really blame it on life, it's actually the sun's fault. If there were more daylight, more hours, maybe I'd get caught up. Although, there is more daylight in Alaska come summer and I've heard it hasn't helped the Alaskans much. It almost drove Al Pacino's character temporarily insane in Insomnia (filmed in B.C, go figure).

I want the Matrix. I want to be plugged in every time I need knowledge. Imagine, I need to be an expert in investigative procedures, someone could shove an USP port into the back of my skull and voila... I know everything. Just like my children did when they were teenagers!

Maybe that's why I'm hook on the new series Dollhouse. They need a safe cracker expert and they upload the necessary persona into dear Echo's empty brain. What a concept!

"The show stars Eliza Dushku (Faith from "Buffy") as a woman who tries to get out of a jam by signing up to work for the Dollhouse, a shadowy organization that wipes away the personalities of its living dolls so they can be "imprinted" with whatever the latest client desires. Now known as Echo, she might be the world’s greatest date one week, or the world’s greatest safecracker the next. And in between each assignment, she’s a childlike blank, wandering around the Dollhouse without a care in the world."
Or maybe, if I could go without sleep....

In the long run, I suppose I should be happy being a jack-of-all-writing-related-things. I know a little bit about every aspect of the creative process. Okay, so I cannot remember all the Greek I studied at SFU, I can barely remember Proust, Tolstoy or Chaucer, but really, how could they help me today? Other than flood my brain with more unanswered premises.

Luckily, I may not be the brightest bulb in the electrical plant, or even the Nikolai Amosov of my generation -- BUT -- I can write dang good suspense novels.

We all can do something well. What's your specialty?


  1. Seriously - I had an amazingly brillant comment 3/4's written, was interrupted, had to close out the page & .... that was it. Brilliance deleted. Now that I've just finished a 15 hour work day (workin' my Amosov), my mind is mush. What is my specialty? Obviously not time management (or pizza cooking), at least lately, so I'll lean on my absolute brilliance on blog post commenting & go with.... hmmm...I'm thinkin'.. HUMILITY! How's That?

  2. Wait until tomorrow, your brilliance will be back, I'm sure.

    15hrs... that's a long day. It's amazing what we do to succeed, hey. I wouldn't think twice about a 18-hour day writing. And I don't get paid!

    Humility is good. I'm thinking... humbling.

  3. I've never been good at remembering everything I read (more often not even little bits of it, to be truthful), but one of my strengths is organization. So I have binders with all my research notes divided by topic so that when I have to remember/find something I can put my finger on it quickly. Computers were supposed to save on paper, but I print out everything I look up. It's a peace of mind thing, knowing that if I have to recheck a fact or justify something I'll have the paperwork to back it up. I'm not sure if that qualifies as a specialty, mind you.

  4. Oh, and I meant to add that I have a ridiculous number of blog sites bookmarked, so I really sympathize with how much time it can take to check them. I separated my "daily favourites" into one folder so I don't see the others on first glance. Then I only look at a few of the others periodically, when I have extra time to spare.

  5. One of my favourites is Alexandra Sokoloff. She teaches creative writing, so her blogs are always educational. And funny. She's an awesome writer.


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