Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy First Day of Spring

I'm signing copies of Dead Witness at Coles Bookstore in the Pine Centre Mall tomorrow starting at noon and lasting at least until 4 pm. If you're in the vicinity, please stop by. I'd love to chitchat. Signing books can be a lonely place, or not. The staff at Coles are great, and I know they'll make it enjoyable, but stop by anyway.

Cory's on his final countdown from his 7 month tour in Kandahar, Afghanistan. This is the crunch period. He'll be home before we know it; a matter of days.

Meanwhile, it's all about keeping the faith and believing we'll see him soon. God Bless all the troops serving in the Middle East.

Cory, LFAA Cdr, Capt Morris, WO Brisebois and LFAA RSM Hornbrook


  1. You never mentioned the book signing! You were busy coaching me I guess. Mine is tomorrow 11 to 4 at a lighthouse/museum. I'm petrified. Heebie Jeebies ain't the word for it. Told Deb that if they called to cancel - it would be a relief.

    Good luck with yours. I hope it goes great. Good news about your son getting home soon. (Looks like a big dude!) He's one of many heroes that don't get enough support or Thanks. I, for one, appreciate the effort & sacrifice. I don't know 'im, but he's awesome.

    Enjoy your day.

  2. I dread them because they're boring. Don't be petrified, unless you're signing books in your underwear. That might not be a good idea.

    Make sure plenty of friends drop by. Take a bowl of goodies, chocolates, wrapped candies, etc. Plus your bookmarks. I also take copies of my article on POV, to hand to new writers. Walk around but keep your table in view. Hopefully, they put you near your genre. If somebody happens to pick up a book you've read, let them know how much you liked it. You'll be just fine.

    Thanks, eh. We think Cory's pretty awesome too. And he's so darn cute. And smart. Like his grandpa.

  3. Have fun (and sell, sell, sell) at the signing. Great news about Cory coming home. Celebrate!

    Yeah, I know. You didn't need me to prompt a celebration.


  4. Hearing from you, Keith, is always a good thing. We are going to celebrate big time!

  5. Soon you and Dave will both be taking these signings in stride. I'm sure tomorrow will go well for both of you.

    On tonight's news there was word of more deaths in Afghanistan and my heart stopped when I heard the name Corey! I don't know if your son's last name is Butler or not, but I quickly discovered the deceased had an "e" in his first name, so then I took a quick breath and said a prayer for his family, relieved that it wasn't you. You'll be so glad when your Cory is safely home again.

    Happy Springtime to you.

  6. Cory's doing well. He's excited about coming home in a few days. Now that it's almost over, 7 months went by fast.

    Thanks, Careann.

  7. Hope your signing went well. I'll fill you in on how mine went as soon as I recover. Hint - It was awesome.

  8. Reading went well. So glad it's over. My feet are killing me. And I have a sore throat from talking so much. lol

  9. I'm praying for Corys safe and quick return. I can't believe it's Spring. I've been watching the Amaryllis bloom in my back yard. One of the "neat" things in Florida is there isn't much "changing" of the seasons. We have periods where certain flowers bloom, so I guess that's Spring. The rest of the Winter other flowers are blooming.

  10. Thank you, Kathryn. Much appreciated.

    Happy Spring!

  11. So glad to hear your reading went well. I was just by Dave's blog and it sounds like his did, too. The same imaginations that conjure up good stories can also provide nerve wracking scenarios for what could/might happen as we present them at public events. It's nice to be able to look back and know the worries were unfounded.


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