Monday, March 23, 2009

One More Book Signing.

I signed copies of my suspense thriller Dead Witness at Coles Bookstore in Pine Centre Mall, Saturday in Pr. George. I hate having my picture taken, so Robyn was a good sport and posed for me.

The staff at Coles are an outstanding bunch and always go out of their way to make me welcomed. I hope Chapters.Indigo realize what a terrific manager they have in Rochelle. She has a keen eye for hiring professional and knowledgeable people. Saturday's staff made my 4 hours a pleasure.

I hadn't even put out the candies, cookies and chocolates when a nice young man called Brent, stopped to ask me a few questions. He ended up buying the second copy sold that day. Judy and her husband, they have a cabin out at Cluculz Lake, bought the first one, setting the precedence for the rest of the day. The nicest people live in Prince George and the surrounding areas.

Cheryl, from the library's book club stopped by with her copy. She and 6 others are reading Dead Witness and will be doing a review shortly. That was a thrill to know.

Doris, a poet and fellow member of the Federation of BC Writers stopped by for a chat. It was amazing how many acquaintance we have in common and yet we'd never met before. Brad and Brenda, who also have a cabin out at Cluculz Lake were very kind and bought a copy. Cluculz Lake is 14 kms long and there are probably a few thousand residents that, even after 17 years, I've yet to meet.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who stopped by and asked me some very good questions. Really kept me on my toes. Besides Cheryl, Judy and Brent, thanks to Amanda, Ed, Bill & Rosaleen, Nadine, Anna, Sandy, Melissa, and finally Steve and his son for buying a copy of Dead Witness. I think I scared poor Steve. Turns out we've had duplicate lives. We both lived in Maple Ridge, attended BCIT, Douglas College and SFU. How bizarre is that!

Thanks making Saturday such a great day, everybody.


  1. Glad to hear your signing went so well! I really need to get on that myself. Sounds like that community out at Cluculz really is a big group! Ill as I was during my visit, I barely got a sense of the scope because of the snow. I hope to be back for a proper visit soon!

  2. Hi Christine. Yes, I feel very fortunate to be a writer in this community. Prince George, Vanderhoof and Cluculz Lake have gone out of their way to support my work.

  3. So glad your signing went well. Cluculz Lake sounds like such a peaceful & inspiring place, surrounded by great people. The name also sounds like a great potential book title! Thanks again for your superb coaching & encouragement. You're awesome.

  4. Thanks, Dave. I love it here. And Prince George has a lot to offer and is only 60 miles down the road, so I have the best of both worlds: quiet lake vs busy city.

  5. Sounds like you manage to sell books and have a good time too. Good for you. I've been examining the way friends do book signings, and I've noticed some have great fun, often hold signing with multiple author friends, and sell small to moderate numbers of books. Others are in a full court press every moment and sell many, many more books, but it looks intense and like it'd not be much fun, especially if you did it several times. I hope to strike a happy medium. Sounds like you've found yours.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. I've never been a quick study, Keith. And sadly, what works at one signing may not work at another. It would help if you could have friends drop by at strategic moments. Not much luck in that tho. People sometimes feel more comfortable if they can linger without detection.

    I spend a lot of time browsing, while keeping an eye on my table. When someone grabs a book, I return to offer a personal signature. I try not to infringe on those curious customers who want a moment or so to take a peek without worrying about a sale's pitch.

    It also helps to spot a fellow writer. Not always an easy thing to do, but helpful. Writers love to talk shop. Helping to answer a few of their fears is always a great thing.

    At other times, a smile and a friendly "Hello" goes a long way to make anyone feel comfortable. It lets them know you're approachable without scaring them into buying a book.

    Oh, as you browse the bookstore, offer as many bookmarks as you can. It will sometimes open a line of communications that lead to even better things.

  7. So you don't recommend getting in someone's face while swatting them with your book and repeating, "buy it and I'll go away" over and over again?

  8. oh, Keith. lol. Um, well, really, you gotta do what you gotta do. lol

    Best of all, go with a positive attitude. That works wonders. Or jump 'em. Whichever works best.

  9. Joylene, you need to come to Iowa!! I am so happy that your book signing went well - you deserve the greatest success!!! By the way, I am eagerly awaiting a new book from you!! *hint hint, lol!!

  10. I love Iowa, April! The nicest people live there!

    Don't you worry. When my next book comes out, I'll definitely let you know. Thanks for dropping by.


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