Friday, March 27, 2009


Our son, Cory, left Kandahar, Afghanistan yesterday and is currently being debriefed in Cyprus, in the Mediterranean.

Though it's still in the Middle East, it means he's out of the war zone and on his way home in a few days.

As you can imagine, we're very relieved. But our hearts break for those families that won't see their loved one again. Cory knows that his deployment was difficult for me, his dad, and his two older brothers, Ron and Jamie. He understands loss. His brother Jack passed away in 1991 and his brother Jody passed away in 2006.

But he served his country without hesitation, and I suspect he'd go back if they ask him.

That's something we'll deal with if the time comes. Meanwhile, we're off to Jamaica at the end of April for Cory and Shannon's wedding. Did I mention how absolutely thrilled we are! Shannon is beautiful, intelligent and adorable!

Thanks so much for all the well wishes while Cory was deployed. Your encouragement and positive attitudes made the last 7 months bearable. In fact, the time seemed to fly by.


  1. So glad he's out of the war zone and heading home in days. WooHoo!


  2. thanks, Keith. We're all so relieved. Celebrated with strawberry ice-cream. I know, we're risk-takers! lol

  3. He'll probably never know how many faceless people in blog-land were praying for him during his tour. With a wedding to look forward to as well, it will be a double joy to welcome him back home.

  4. Carol, Cory's going to know because I'm going to tell him.


  5. I have kept Cory in my prayers every since I've known you. I feel like I know Cory too. I am so relieved to learn he's out of the war zone. We all want to see pictures of the wedding! What a lucky girl! To be welcomed into a family such as yours! Her new mother-in-law---a FAMOUS author!!!!!
    Love to all of you! Give Cory hugs and kisses from his Aunt Katt

  6. thank you so much, Kat. I can't wait to give Cory a hug for you.

  7. Fantastic news. I'm happy for you & your family. Unlike Katt - no hugs, maybe a handshake & salute.

    Debriefed? Is that like ya gotta switch to boxers once your tour is over? Just kiddin' - I do that sometimes.

  8. Hi Joylene! I am so glad that your son is where it is safe. Congrats on the wedding! Jamaica would be heavenly! I love to listen to the way Jamaica's talk, lol!
    What wonderful pictures! Thank you for sharing them!

  9. You're so welcomed, April. Thanks for stopping by. And have a fabulous day!


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