Saturday, May 30, 2009

Honouring Dad

Charles Murray Nowell
November 5, 1926 - May 30, 1983

I've talked about my father before. Obviously, because he was my dad and a big influence on my life. It's because of him that I'm a writer. He passed away 26 years ago today. He was 56. As of last month, I'm also 56. I look at his photographs and I try to see us as equals. Technically, we're the same age now. But it's the dad in the photograph of my sister, dad and I below that I most remember. The big guy who seemed so fearless and strong and invincible. He would have done anything for us kids.

It's not Father's Day, but I'd like to honour my old man.

Thanks for giving me life, dad, and for trying your best to do right by me.


  1. How nice, Joylene. A tribute out of the blue, not on a day meant to remember or honor, is extra special. I recall seeing the first picture but not the older one. Let me guess. You're the sweetie in the light skirt and your sister's in the plaid. Am I right?

  2. Hi Keith. Yes, I'm feeling a bit homesick for my poppa today. You're right, I'm the younger one. Family say I haven't changed much. Still a brat.

  3. Must be something going round. I took a nap yesterday and woke desperate to call my dad. In the dream, he wanted me to. Hate that waking realization that I can't.

  4. It's good that we miss our dads. I know lots of people that, for whatever reason, have had the 'good riddance' attitude. THAT is really sad.

    Have a good weekend - brat.

  5. I know how you feel, Keith. When I feel like that, I try to give thanks for missing him.

    Like you said, Dave, too many of us don't appreciate what we have until it's gone. I was too young to lose my dad, but I was old enough to know how fortunate I'd been to know him.

  6. A lovely and loving post of remembrance. He was obviously very special to you.


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