Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jamaica Magic

Cory's and Shannon's wedding could not have been more perfect. Breezes Runaway Bay in Jamaica took care of every possible detail and with a professional touch that would be hard to beat.

We spent the morning of the wedding over a 2-hour breakfast. Then, while the men golfed, us girls played in the pool. It was as stress free a day as I've ever experienced.

Because I write fiction, it's actually hard for me to describe my immediate attraction to Jamaica. The country is so different than anything I'm used to. (It snowed at Cluculz Lake today)

The people were as kind as they could possibly be. Even when I was bombarded with peddlers and close to hyperventilating, the women grew round and fanned cool air into my face. What can I say? I'm a Canadian. Show me -30 C and I'm tough as nails. Stick me in +40 C and I'm dizzy and close to fainting.

If down to basics is what you're looking for, count Breezes out. Total pampering is their specialty. The biggest decision I had to make was which lounge chair to lay on.

If you haven't guessed it already, you're about to be subjected to numerous photos of our Jamaican trip for the next few days. Mostly because I'm freezing and not ready to give up images of paradise just yet. I had to put a fire on in my wood stove this morning. Canada is a wonderful place, but why does it have to be so friggin cold?

ps. The lack of people is because I took many of these photos very early in the morning after my Tai Chi.


  1. Beautiful photos, looks very inviting! Canada is beautiful too, but definitely too much cold there!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Connie. Your A Still Small Voice poem is very nice.

  3. Welcome back! Glad everything went so well. Sounds like y'all had a ball. Congrats to the kids too! There's nothin' like cool sea breezes & clear blue water....

  4. Welcome home, snow not withstanding (surely it won't last much longer)! So glad to hear that everything went perfectly. The pictures are spectacular! Congratulations to Cory, Shannon and the newly united families.

  5. Thanks Dave and Careann. Apart from being cold, I am happy to be back in Canada. There's no place like home. Now, if only summer would arrive.

  6. Joylene, you're back! And with beautiful pictures! Looks like it was an amazing wedding. I'm heading on vacation too, but my pics won't be as turquoise. The UK is nice, but I think Jamaica's got it beat ;)

  7. Have a safe trip, Christine. I would love to visit UK, even if it did rain the entire time I'm there. Envy you.

  8. Yep, Jamaica sure shows Canada up. The year without Spring -- the trees are too frightened to come into bud. It snowed Tuesday/Wednesday night and rained this afternoon.

    I'm going to light a fire this evening, too.


  9. Today is the first day since we arrived home that I haven't lit a fire. I was beginning to worry that I'd never see the sun again. Maybe summer will make up for it? Hope so.

    Thanks for dropping by, Chris. Your post on Hero was fascinating.


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