Saturday, June 20, 2009

Farm Friendly.

Still not feeling up to par, nor am I inspired enough to write a decent blog. So, here's a little diversion. The butt-end of a friendly Lama to cheer your day. We're farm-sitting while the owner is away up north. It didn't take long to see that all the animals have distinct personalities. The most entertaining, (below) is Egor, the baby lamb. He runs to meet the truck every morning, bah'ing constantly until a warm bottle of milk is shoved in his mouth.


  1. They're obviously glad to see their substitute caregivers--that's one happy lamb!

    I hope the change of locale helps refresh your body and spirit. You'll be writing again soon... all in good time.

    (An aside: after reading your post about your office chair I had to laugh when my DH came home later in the week with a new chair for his own desk! He had given his old one a second life by repairing it with parts from a garage sale find, but finally decided there wasn't a third life available for it. Now I'm jealous. My chair is older than his was. Mind you, sometimes when my back is being ornery I add an old bed pillow to the seat of my chair and the extra cushioning works just fine.)

  2. Don't rush things, but I hope you're back up to snuff soon, Joylene.

  3. I always wondered how to spell bah'ing. Hope you feel better soon.


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