Monday, June 15, 2009

A Good Computer Chair

A good computer chair is worth its weight in gold. Don't you think?

It's amazing how debilitating a pulled muscle can be. A week ago, I was making the bed, when I stood up and instantly felt two definite crunches in my lower back. I spent the rest of the day on the couch because moving was too painful. The next morning I couldn't get out of bed. It was a long boring week of heating pad, chesterfield and TV. Thankfully, yesterday I was moving well enough to join my family (husband, sons, daughter-in-law and grandchildren) on the pontoon boat for a day of fishing.

Today, I'm checking out my computer chair from every angle because every time I sit down, after about 15 minutes, my back starts aching. Yet, the chair looks great. Strong, firm back, level armrests, and firm, steady seat. The back seems a perfect mold to my back.

I hear two distinct responses from others who spend their work day at a computer. Either they love their chair or they hate it. But they all agree, when they were in the store picking out the chair, it seemed perfect. So, my question is. ... how do you tell if you're going to love your chair or not? How do you know that your comfy choice may prove a big mistake once you sit on it for a few weeks?

I can remember picking out my chair at Staples. I tried all of them, after visiting all the other office furniture stores in town. I was convinced this chair was for me. And I'm pretty sure it was for a long time. Actually. I'm not even sure that's changed. Maybe I'm just worn out. Or maybe the chair (8 yrs old) needs to be retired. Chairs are damn expensive. I guess the answer is, does my back deserve better? Or should I be grateful I'm not sitting on my dining room chair?


  1. Ahhhggg - I hate my new chair. Comfort was not a consideration. It had to match the house. Wasn't easy findin' a white leather desk chair.

    Glad you're feeling better.

    1 What are Chesterfields?
    2 Didja catch anything?
    3 Didja ever write a chapter & then forgotten all about it? I'm a dunce sometimes

  2. Hi Dave. White, huh? Hmm.

    A "chesterfield" is after Mr. Chesterfield who invented the sofa. I don't think you hear the word much, except on the TV the other day, I heard "chesterfield suite", which means sofa and chair. Made me feel young again.

  3. I alternate chairs. One is ancient, basic computer chair with no arms (they get in my way). The one I'm in now is a knee chair. No back, just two levels of cushions, one for my butt and one for my knees. I sit in it with my back very straight.

    I picked up the knee chair a couple years ago so I'd have something to switch to occassionally, but I use it more often than the regular chair.

  4. Ah, Dave, alas I didn't stick a line in the water because there were already 4. My grandson caught the first, the most (2) and the biggest. My granddaughter caught the smallest. Did you know that smaller fish taste better than big fish? My daughter-in-law caught the last, but we put it back.

    Keith, thanks for letting me know about the knee chair. I've always wanted to ask somebody. They look comfortable. Next time Costco has one, I'll buy it. Can't hurt, right?

  5. I've had an assortment of office chairs through the years. Almost all were hand-me-downs, each graciously accepted because it was just a bit comfier than the one before. But I have to say that none were ever really comfortable for the amount of time I needed to sit in them.
    I admit to the lazy approach now. Often as not I use my laptop sitting in a recliner with my feet up! It's ::very:: comfortable, maybe a little *too* much as it's easy to doze off when I'm "thinking". Although all my resource materials are in the other room so that part's not so convenient either.

    If you're destined to spend hours at your desk I agree that you're entitled to the best chair you can get your hands on. Your back is a precious comodity!

  6. Not that I'm glad to hear about people suffering, but I feel better about my own issues with computer chairs after reading this post and the ensuing comments.

    At my old job, I had a lovely chair that looked (I'm not sure how much it did cost) very expensive and well designed. My back hurt every day - to the point that I brought a throw pillow from my couch in to work for back support.

    I now have a plain looking chair and my back is usually fine. (Until I get home and start doing the work I'm excited about, writing on my laptop, on a tv tray in my living room.) I suppose the upholstery is always greener :)

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  8. thanks, Jessica. I'll check them out.


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