Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I'm happy to announce that Over Mount Fuji, a novel by my friend Joel Huan is now available at Barnes & Noble.

Simple put, Over Mount Fuji is the story of a group of international scientists who converge in Japan to first study, then convince the world that the deadliest earthquake to date is not only inevitable, but overdue.

Hello Everyone,

When I was young, I listened to my head. At the university, I chose courses that gave me great job prospects. I took Commerce, with a Major in Accounting, Business Administration, and Law.
After I graduated, I worked as an accountant, an ACA, I found it boring and distasteful. In my spare time, I began writing a novel, a pretty experimental project for myself, simply because I had no formal training in writing or literature.

But immediately my heart took over, beating with my subconscious emotions. Soon I found myself started more writings, moonlighting. My accounting profession suffered (never proceed to CA), as I didn't go for my regular ongoing courses that is required by members of that profession.

Novel writing didn't pay anything back then, but my heart was pumped. I enjoyed my research and writing. A few years later, I tried to sign with an established publisher, but to no avail. I was rejected by every agent I queried. But today I believe that was a good thing. It enabled me to keep polishing my story.

I belonged to two large critique groups (plus a few smaller ones). And I kept ploughing away. While members of my accounting profession were socializing and networking to further their careers, I was alone working on my book.

It took ten years for Over Mount Fuji to be born. And I thoroughly enjoy the process.

Although it's available at Barnes&Noble and Amazon, I'm also offering Over Mount Fuji free online, suppressing the logic of my head lol.



  1. It's interesting to hear of your friend's writing journey and I wish him much success with his book.

  2. Joel forgot to mention that he started a successful online workshop on Yahoo.

    thanks for dropping by, Carol.

  3. It's nice to see how other writers started. Thanks for the post, Joel.

  4. I checked out the book. It sounds real interesting.

  5. I think realizing the goal of being published is a tough path for every author. We all hear about the best-selling few and it's intimidating. But I think it takes a great deal of character to keep going in spite of an abyss of uncertainty.

  6. I agree. I'm always inspired by writers like Joel. Their strength gives me strength.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  7. I keep getting kicked off your page. Congrats to Joel. Does he have any excerpts anywhere to check out? I clicked on the book & it redirected to B&N but that was it. I'm gonna hit 'publish' & if it doesn't go through now - fuggeddaboudit.

  8. Kicked, well, that's disgraceful. Kick back! If Joel reads this, maybe he'll supply his webpage link. I'm not sure if I had it. At least, I don't now.

  9. Thank for all your encouraging comments. Sorry about not having the excerpts, but if you click on More About the Novel, there is a brief story review by Marva and a picture of a Pekingese. The good news is that I was picked up my BookLover Review as their guest so I would be a feature with them soon. It is interesting, Anonymous, I found it more interesting than making money as an accountant, lol, and commited myself 10 long years in this non-money making project. Thanks again,

  10. You're very welcomed, Joel. Please come back soon.

  11. Sorry I'm late in blogging, hence the lateness in everything. Now I got my synopsis, blurb, prologue and first chapter up there. I even have my whole novel posted at another site:


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