Thursday, July 30, 2009

We're Having a Heatwave

Are you sweltering in this heatwave? At 10:45 yesterday morning, it was already 34 degrees Celsius (93 F). The high reached 38 C (100 F) by 4 PM. Did I mention it was day number 10? Did I also mention that as the temperature rises, so does the Canadian dollar ($.9243)

Nobody expected the hot weather to last this long. We're in the Interior of BC, where 27 C is considered a beautiful day. The Okanagan, particularly Lytton is generally where the hottest spots in Canada are. This week alone, Lytton, Vancouver, Abbotsford and Terrace have broken previous records, some that go back to the 1940's. Sadly, the hot temperatures also mean more forest fires. We need to be extra careful.

I'm embracing the heat. Given the fact that our average temperature in winter is -25, I think I owe it to myself to smile despite my ankles swollen to the size of birch trees.


  1. I'd be swimmin' in that pool behind your house - you know, the one that looks like a lake. Least you don't have sharks. (We've been having a little problem with THOSE critters lately at our beach.) Hope you n' Careann get a break from the heat soon.

  2. haha, gads you make me laugh, Dave. Thanks. Yes, I swim everyday. It's cold, but soothing in this heat. Sunday is supposed to rain.

  3. No rain in sight down here... sun through until at least next Wednesday... but the temperature is slowly dropping now, a little bit each day, so we're getting some relief. Vancouver broke its all time heat record on Wednesday, then broke that record on Thursday! I'm heading for our lake on Monday although judging by your thermometer it's been just as hot up there.


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