Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Its verses It's

Please join me tomorrow when award winning author Angela T. Pisaturo will be my guest host. Angela writes in the Christian Romance genre, a style that is growing in popularity in mainstream. She's the author of The Rich American Woman, Treasures in Clay Vessels and The Cedar Chest.

See you tomorrow.

eanwhile, here's some helpful hints for the easy to miss grammar error:

1. It's verses Its

You would never write:
Jim drove hi's truck to town. Obviously, the proper use is: Jim drove his truck to town.

But do you understand why?

HIS is a possessive pronoun. The truck belongs to Jim; it's his truck.

But what if we wrote: John drove
Jims truck to town?

Why is that incorrect?

the word Jim isn't a pronoun, it's a noun.

ITS is a possessive pronoun. It indicates ownership.

It's indicates a contraction where the apostrophe replaces the missing letter I

It is Jim's truck. It's Jim's truck.

The truck's Jim's.




I bet you never mistake
It's for Its again. Or vise verse.


  1. Dratted apostrophes. I think I'd better stick to "The truck belongs to Jim." ;)

  2. Ah ha! I've read your stuff; I already know you've mastered this pronoun possessiveness stuff.

    Can't fool me, Carol.



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