Saturday, August 1, 2009


Below is an important post from my friend Ernie. If you're a published author, I hope you'll consider participating. Doesn't matter if you're American or not, war affects us all.

This blog is near and dear to my heart. It's called OPERATION BOOK.

Authors from across America, and even some from Canada, are joining in this worthwhile event. I'll take the information right from the OPERATION BOOK page

Our servicemen, serving in war torn IRAQ, deserve our utter respect, for serving their country and helping to keep our country FREE. Standing behind these heroes, home alone and many miles away from their spouses, moms and dads, are the FAMILIES of these same servicemen.

OPERATION BOOK was designed to show our support for not only our servicemen, but to also show support for their families.

AUTHORS, from across the greatest land on earth, AMERICA, stand united in an effort to say thank you to just some of these deserving families.

Books, from every genre, from children's books, teen and young adult books, to adult reading material, are being collected to send to as many families as we have books collected, as Christmas gifts to just a small portion of the families living without their spouses.

Authors do not need to be members of THE BOOKHOUSE to participate. Just a sincere desire to donate one or more books is all that is required.

If you are an author, and would like to donate one book or more, send an e-mail to and please let us know how many books you'd like to donate. We'll add your name to the growing list of authors on the OPERATION BOOK page in THE BOOKHOUSE. Spread the word to your author friends.

Let's make CHRISTMAS 2009 a memorable Christmas for the families of those who are serving our country in IRAQ.

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