Sunday, August 23, 2009

Playhouse Extravaganza

Aren't you surprised when the unexpected or unassuming turns out to be the best fun? I attend the fund raiser for 93.1 CFIS FM community radio last night at the Prince George Playhouse and had a fabulous time. Volunteers from all over the city showed up to rally and give their support. Early in the week, Reg Feyer had asked if I would like to set up a table in the lobby and sign copies of my thriller Dead Witness.

Reg wanted permission to play a recording I'd done last winter of my first chapter. I said yes about the recording, but because the event was held at night, I did hum and haw for a few days about attending. I haven't driven on Highway 16 at night in quite a few years and didn't want to ask my husband because someone has to stay home with his 93-year-old mother, Vera. In the end though, my husband took pity upon me and all three of us went to town (68km). He and his mum went off and did their thing while I "worked", then picked me up later and we drove home during the rainstorm.

What did surprise me (immensely) was when I arrived, Reg met me in the lobby and informed me I'd be going on stage. Yes, imagine my surprise? I had a small anxiety attack while I listened to his instructions. On cue, I was to walk on stage (in the dark) and sit at a table with a laptop. As the recording of my first chapter played, I was to type away as if I were creating the words as the audience heard them.

Reg Feyer, Operations Manager
93.1 CFIS-FM

The best part of the evening was being back stage with all the performers. My mother sang with three sisters during the war and had so many wonderful stories to tell about their gigs. I was able to have a glimpse of what it was like for her.

CFIS-FM Radio, Prince George: Dave Zubeck, Gord McKenna, JD Boutilier, Corey Walker, Monroe, Ron Wiebe, Mel McConaghy, Reg Feyer, Brandan Spyker and John Bell.

Barb and me in the lobby of the Playhouse

I had a nice time, and I would like to extend my gratitude to all the volunteers for making it such a fun evening. I'll be attending next year for sure.

Oh, one other thing. To celebrate, Grandma Vera and I made a Strawberry/Banana Trifle this morning!


  1. Now, didn't you originally say it was going to be a FUN-raising evening? Glad to hear it went so well. I think the idea of you writing your way through the recorded reading was pure genius, too! I'll bet it was very effective for the audience.

    And that strawberry/banana trifle looks sinfully good!

  2. Yes, Carol, the stage productions were very well done. After Mr. Ben Meisner introduced the Fall lineup, John Bell introduced the Storyteller's segment, then Mel came out and sat on the opposite side of the stage at a table with an old typewriter, an actor impersonating author Linda Williams sat on a park bench in the middle of the stage, with me on the right side of the stage in front of the laptop. But before and after that, several singers and performers entertained the audience. It was well done indeed.

    As for the Trifle, Vera's son (MDH) had THREE helpings last night!

  3. What a clever idea! Beats the old routine of simply reading a chapter from your book. Glad you had fun.

  4. How cool. Wish I could have seen and heard.

  5. Hi Pat. Yes, I had fun. And eventho I'm quite shy, I would do it again next year. I really enjoyed being back stage. It's a whole different perspective.

  6. Hi Keith. I heard from friends today who were there, but I didn't see them. The light from the control room was quite glaring. I could barely see the laptop in front of me.


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