Friday, September 25, 2009

How Has Writing Changed You?

Because I have until Wednesday to finish packing Grandma's apartment and then washing all the walls, (lucky moi) I can't think of a suitable blog, except to leave you with a question, answerable in less than 50 words. How has writing changed YOU?

I'm looking forward to all your answers.

(FYI, the above blog is 50 words)


  1. I spend less time playing computer games.

  2. David, that's me too. I spend less time doing all those fun things, like suntanning. Course, having no sun works too.

  3. Dave, you can't be taller! Everybody knows writing makes you shorter!

    And wider.

  4. Joy, I had a good comment re "how has writig changed you," that is UNTIL I read Dave's (JAXPOP) comment!!! I laughed out loud---I'm still laughing!!! He's NUTS----:D!!!!

  5. Nutjob back again:

    I'm more aware of 'stuff' - color, sound, expressions, motion, etc 'filtering' data for the next story.

    Negative - Way too proccupied with it (started 2+ years ago). If there was a way to write full time without an earnings drop off, I'd jump in with both feet. (49)

    (Sorry Katt - I'll try to be serious from now on. Yeah right.)

  6. I make great friends, some I've never met face-to-face and wash walls. I don't grow taller, but I can make my protags any size I want.

    Want me to send a tall one over to get those upper corners?

  7. I'm still not convinced that my fiction writing is as good as my non-fiction, but publishing articles proved to me that I was a real writer who could make money doing what had previously been just a hobby. It's given me hope that there's a future for my novel writing.

    (Is that 50 words? Yup, it is! Drat... no words left to tell Dave I'm both short and wide!)

    Carol Garvin

  8. It's okay, Katt. You'll get used to Dave. He tends to crack everyone up. But, as he says, there is a serious side to him. As for picking up on all the brilliant settings around us, Dave, I'm so with you. I am constantly finding myself trying to describe our lake in new and exciting ways, just becuz I am a writer and the need to express myself is so strong.

  9. Keith, I can't imagine life without you in it, good buddy. We were still kids when we met. You weren't even 40 yet!

    Yes, send Jack over to help me wash the walls; that would be great. lol.

    Haha, Carol, you're compact! There's a big difference. Compact is easier to pack.

  10. It kept me from going mad. That sounds coy, but it's true. My thoughts were making a mess of my life. By turning them into a fiction world, I was able to redirect a lot of anxiety. Worked good in the end. I've got two published novels and they're doing respectfully.


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