Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How Old is Young?

We celebrated our granddaughter's birthday this past weekend at the Aquatic Centre in Prince George. I watched from the sidelines and thought, she looks so small compared to everyone else.

Selena is 7 now. Young in numbers, but if you look closely, you'll see an old soul.That's her little brother Reece in the background.

When I say old soul, I'm referring to the expression in Selena's brilliant blue eyes. There's such wisdom there.
Yes, we all look upon our children and see things that no one else notices. And we assume we're here to teach them and guide them. Already, when I make a statement, Reece's response (he's 4) is a pact, "I know."

Selena, on the other hand, smiles.

Vera is Selena's 93-year-old great grandmother. I meant to take a picture of just the two of them to show you the similarities, but I got caught up on the festivities. Vera and Selena have the same eyes.
The only difference is Vera's confusion is more prevalent.


  1. Our youngest grandchildren are 3 and 5 and I'm constantly surprised at how much more they know than our children did at that age. It seems they grow up so much faster now.

    Selena looks like a sweetheart. Happy, happy birthday to her. May she share her great grandmother's longevity.

  2. Thank you, Carol. I'm very fond of her. As you know, it doesn't take long for them to steal your heart.

  3. Joy, what a precious, adorable baby she is! When mine says something precious I used to say, "let Nana buy you a pony." She's 3 now, and knows what a pony is!!!! ha ha Give her hugs and kisses from her Florida "Aunt" and tell her happy, happy birthday.
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures of your family
    Love you

  4. Thanks for commenting, Katt. "Florida Aunt" I love that!


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