Friday, October 30, 2009

Introducing South African author Nerine Dorman

I'm interviewing author Nerine Dorman on my cluculzwriter blog on Monday, Nov. 2, 2009.  Nerine was Keith Pyeatt's editor for his first novel Dark Knowledge. On December 21, 2009, Nerine's first novel Khepera Rising is due to be released.

Nerine Dorman was born in Cape Town, South Africa, during the previous century, and has been writing weird tales involving gothboys, vampires, werewolves and other strange beasties since she can remember. She's been a Spur waitress, is an experienced penguin wrangler, plays piano accordion badly, edits genre fiction, loves travelling and lives with her photographer husband in a log cabin on stilts near Cape Point, where she regularly has to fend off baboons armed only with a broomstick. Her mother still asks when she's going to write some "proper" fiction.

Here's a brief synopsis from the Lyrical Press website.

     The wickedest man in Africa has problems, and they can't all be solved by magic. 

     Occult bookshop owner and black arts magician James Edward Guillaume reckons he has it all, and enjoys living up his reputation as South Africa's "wickedest man", a nice house, a business that's breaking even and teh pick of all the pretty Goth girls and boys in Cape town. 

      Little does he know, a group of violent Christo-militants are panting at his heels, ready to destroy his carefully constructed fantasy world. To add mischief to his misery, he's unwittingly unleashed a terrifying demonic entity, and he alone holds the key to The Burning One's secret. To bring order out of the chaos, all James has to do is conquer his personal demonds, teach a rather nasty, self-righteous sod a lesson in humility and find out whether he can win back the trust of an old flame. Only, as James discovers, getting back on top is hell on earth. 

Hope you can stop by on Monday and meet Nerine. If Supernatural Horror is your forte, you're going to love her book Khepera Rising.


  1. What an eye-catching photo of the author.

  2. I agree, Martha. Nerine is stunning. I was instantly drawn to her eyes.

  3. I'll be there, too, but won't be able to linger long. I'll be working on a new novel during November's NaNoWriMo. Even then, some things just can't be missed and Nerine sounds like an interesting person.

  4. I really enjoyed having Nerine as my editor. She's as talented as she is pretty.

  5. It'll be great if you can stop by, Carol. Keith, I clicked on read an excerpt, but it's not available just yet. I did read some of her articles. You can tell she has plenty of talent. Did I mention I love being surrounded by talent?


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