Thursday, October 29, 2009


I'm trying to write the Great Canadian Novel but my dog Bandit is outside howling.

Oops, this isn't my dog, this is a Lama.

This is my dog. Okay, our dog.

Generally, you'd find Bandit outside...

frolicking in the snow,

fishing (sort of),

roaming free up at Tchentlo Lodge,

inside watching TV with his family.

However, Bandit has a new girlfriend whose mum and dad only let out a night. Which means that now I can't get Bandit to come in after dark. And during the day when I'm trying to write, Bandit is either...

begging to get out, or sitting outside the front door howling for his girl.
Have you ever heard a Syberian Husky howl? My dog could win a marathon.
Or is that howlathon?
So, please...
if you see this dog...

could you send her to our place. Bandit's heart is breaking.


  1. Oh, poor Bandit! lol!! I'm afraid I can't help. My four-footed critter is a male. I love all the pictures. Bandit is gorgeous!

  2. Thank you, Carol. He's a big baby. Sometimes it feels as if we have a 4 year old in the house again. Other days, he looks at me with those eyes and I want to weep. Right now, he's outside howling again. His girlfriend stopped by but couldn't stay.

  3. You're going to have to do 2 things. I know it's gonna be tough but ya gotta put your foot down. Bandit needs a curfew. Plain & simple.

    2nd thing? You gotta put that cat on a diet!!! Good grief. What a chubbo.

  4. You are too funny!!! Better the dog than one of your boys!!!! Was that Cory with Bandit? Well they say Love will conquer all. Good luck to Bandit.

  5. You are soooooo funny! My dog Bailey barks at the squirrels just outside the window in my office. That little fellow sits out there on his haunches and chatters. Bailey will come off the couch from the living room, flying in here jumping on the couch in my office in front of the window. I should be used to it by now. He does it every day. But when I am working, not paying attention to him (Bailey) it usually scares me to death when he hits the window in here! Sometimes when I'm writing a scary scene I jump or yell. If my hubby is home----well you can only imagine.....

  6. Dave! Garagee isn't a chubbo! Geesh, I had to screen the computer from her this morning so she didn't see your comment. She's a well-rounded queenie, that's all... with a deadly personality. Often she will beat Bandit senseless, then roll on her back so he can lick her tummy. It's bizarre. But chubbo! You have no idea how close you were to ... I can't even say it!

  7. Hi JoAnn. Yes, it's Cory when he was home last. Bandit's girlfriend was here yesterday and I tried to get a closer pic. The dog will not look into the camera. I only have to let Bandit see it & he sits down and smiles. He's very photogentic.

  8. haha, Katt. I can imagine. Your poor dear husband. He must have nerves of steel by now.

  9. Not only has he developed nerves of steel, but also a cast iron stomach!!!!

  10. Lardy Lardy - Oops, meant Lawdy Lawdy. Please pass along my heartfelt apologies to your rather rotund feline for my insensitive previous comment. Does Jennny Craig have a weight loss plan for cats? Not that your cat has a problem - I'm just curious. Ahem.

  11. I tawt I taw a pwutty tat. I deed I deed an' eet was a beeg beeg pwutty tat.

  12. Dave! You are a very very weird man! lol

  13. Aw, Bandit. Our Tripp is fairly quiet, although he does this "rowl, rowl, rowl" thing that's soft and guttural and will develop into a howl. The road from rowl to howl isn't traveled that often, though. He's soft spoken.

    But we have our time to howl too. You may have seen my video posted on my blog a few months back (, when I first discovered it. I was on my treadmill after a run, in the cool down phase, and a great song came on. I clapped to the beat and he started softly with the rowls and they grew to a near-howl.

    Now we do it every time. He lays beside the treadmill while I run, waiting for the cool down and our "fresh sweat clap and howl" routine. When Tasia joins in, they both get very loud, but if it's just Tripp, I can control volume. Little claps, soft rowls. I get energetic, so does he.

    Siberians are interesting pets.

  14. The sound of Bandit howling is spooky to the neighbours, but it breaks my heart becuz to me he sounds so lonely. He won't come in at night except to eat. I was putting his food outside, but "she" was running off with it. lol. He's smitten.

  15. Bandit had his heart (and food) stolen by a bandita.

  16. Joylene, Bandit is just the cutest! I feel like I know him already. You can tell he is very loved.

  17. Hi Jackin,

    Yes, we love our puppy. Got up twice in the middle of the night because I thought he was in trouble outside. Turns out his girlfriend came and went so fast, his head was spinning. lol

    Thanks for stopping by & commenting, Jackin.


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