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CHUGGIN MCCOFFEE - How to Market Your Novel Online

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How To Market Your Novel Online

by Chuggin McCoffee

If you are hoping to gain more exposure for your novel, then it actually pays off to use all of the tools available to you on the Internet!

One of the best ways to begin is to focus on Obviously, this is a site that so many people use to purchase books, and this will directly affect your novel sales. It is important to begin to get reviews for your novel on, which will entice other customers to follow suit and purchase your novel. Even if you have a great book, people may not review it right off the bat. One thing that you may need to do is give away free copies of your book in exchange for reviews on Amazon. This is a wonderful way to let people experience your novel, and then they can provide their honest feedback directly on the website. This will gain several reviews for you, which will work to give credibility to your novel so that other people will purchase it. If you do have your own blog or website, you can also link directly to Amazon so that your readers can review your book if they liked it.

But you don't have to stop with Amazon! Another innovative way to market your novel online is through the use of a sample or promotional e-book. This is something that readers interested in your genre can purchase for a nominal fee, and it will allow them to have an idea of what your novel is about. If you are hoping to market your novel online, then this is a great way to reach your Internet customers. For instance, if these same customers are hoping to download your novel to a Kindle or iPhone in the PDF format, it will allow them to read a portion of the novel in the e-book form.

E-books are definitely all the rage, and your readers will appreciate this opportunity given to them in the form of an easily downloadable e-book. This will also allow them to try out your book before they buy it completely. One effective way to market this promotional e-book is either in Google Ads or directly on your own website if you have a blog. If you already have a blog with loyal readers, then you can use the opportunity of a low-cost promotional e-book to entice your readers into buying your novel.

Overall, the Internet is full of numerous marketing tools for your novel, but it is helpful to know where to begin. Positive reviews and feedback will work to gain circulation toward your novel, increasing your sales dramatically.


  1. You're welcomed, Chuggin. Your coffee makers look fabulous.

  2. Wonderful marketing tips and those are some hot coffee makers!

    Joylene, on another note, the hacker one, I recently learned that skilled hackers can get into websites and one of the methods they use through email addys and from there they make links to sites selling Viagra, etc. I think most of us have a *Contact* link on our sites and on the other sites we use to promote our books. For safety's sake, I deleted the *contact* link on my website. Thought I'd pass that along.
    Have a super day, bud.

  3. Hi Bliss. I don't have a contact link on my webpage, just my addy spelt out. Sadly, the whole purpose is so readers can contact me. If my provider ever gets back to me, I'll maybe be able to fix this. I've already changed my PW.

    Thanks for stopping by, Bliss.

  4. Thank you so very much for sharing, I'm nothing but grateful and I wish you all the very best.

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Simone. Best of luck with your search for an agent.

  6. @Bliss - Thank you so much, I appreciate it!

    @Simone - Thank you, and I'm glad to help!

  7. Thanks so much this is two ways I hadn't heard about before and that's saying a lot.

    as for the email addy, please please as a researcher please leave an email addy for people to contact you. it's so much work to hunt it down. really. Thank you Joylene for keeping yours up. That's how I found you again. oh now you'll take it off for sure. ha ha ha
    Jo Ann Hernandez

    BronzeWord Latino Authors

  8. thanks for stopping by, Jo Ann. I'll pass this along to Chuggin.

  9. Great marketing advice! Glad I stopped by. :)

  10. Thanks for stopping by, Marta. It's always nice hooking up with you.

  11. @JoAnn
    Glad to be of help! Thank you so much :)


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