Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Slept poorly last night. Bandit's girlfriend stopped by for short visits between 11:40 PM and 3:14 AM. Consequently, every time she left, Bandit had a fit. He howled and cried and even barked. I bet my neighbours were impressed. Bandit is generally a quiet dog, but in the last few weeks, he can't eat, sleep or think beyond his girlfriend's next visit. Reminds me of when my sons were teens. Do I want to live those days over again? NO!

If I knew where she lived, I'd call her parents and ask if they could keep her in at night. Or at least chained. A good night's sleep is worth its weight in gold. If he was in his right mind, I'm sure Bandit would agree.

* * *
NOW for my latest news:

On Oct 17th I signed with Theytus Books to publish Broken But Not Dead. I'm currently waiting for them to assign me an editor.

Oct 20th, my husband got his moose. It's currently taking up residence in our freezer.

Nov 3rd and every Monday night at 6 PM thereon, I'm reading from one of my books on 93.1 CFIS FM. To listen, you'll need to click the link. Until they upgrade, their signal isn't strong enough to pick up on your radio.

Nov 25th, our youngest son Cory carries the Olympic torch in Fredericton, (Gagetown) New Brunswick.

Some of my upcoming guests are: Jo Ann Hernandez, Charles Jacobs, Phyllis Zimbler Miller, Katherine Swarts, and many more.


  1. You really eat MOOSE? For real? Lemme guess - tastes like chicken. Sounds like y'all are having too much fun up there. That's great.

  2. I prefer Elk, but if Moose is cooked properly it tastes as good as beef. Unless it's liver. Nothing can be done to make liver taste good.

    Watch, now I'll get 1000 emails from liver-lovers.

  3. Another liver-hater here! I wish I were allergic to it because it makes me gag when I have to eat it to be polite. Congrats on the moose (and yes, Dave, I eat it, too!). DH and I head out this weekend for our cabin. Didn't get a moose draw this year so will have to resort to deer, although my second choice would be elk but they don't hang out in our locale.

    Poor love-sick Bandit! Fortunately the 'season' should only last three weeks, but in the middle of your interrupted nights I'm sure they will seem like three *very* long weeks.

  4. Bandit did something very shocking today. Emotions were flying high for a very long hour.

    One of our cats, Pretty Boy spotted Bandit's bone outside and decided to grab a bite or two. Bandit ran over and Pretty Boy dropped and rolled over on his back. Cowarding.

    Bandit picked PB up in his mouth, swung him back and forth, then flung him away as if he were bad meat. Pretty Boy took off. My husband saw this, he yells, I come running, and we searched and searched for Pretty Boy outside everywhere, along the beach, under some of the summer cottages.

    It was a frightening hour but suddenly out pops Pretty Boy as good as new. Never did find out where he'd gone. Not a mark on him. We took him inside, and all he wanted was food! He's a pig cat, eats constantly.

    Bandit is lucky to be alive. Pretty Boy is one of 3 cats and my husband's favourite.

    I'll be so glad when this GL is out of heat.

  5. the way this sounds you don't need teens anymore to have an exciting life.

    BTW I've seen those sons. C'mon tell us a few of those stories. maybe your next book!!!!!
    Jo Ann

  6. Hi JoAnn. I'm tempted to tell but do I really want the world to know? lol.

    Take care.

  7. try following the little girl home...meet the in-laws?

  8. My husband tried, but she went through the bush down to the water, & by the time he reached the beach, she was out of sight. One of our neighbours thinks she and her family are new to the area. Nobody's sure where they live. Maybe they moved out here becuz they thought it would be a nice place to let their dog loose.


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