Wednesday, November 11, 2009


My family and I have celebrated Remembrance Day since I can remember. My grandfather served, my father, my brother and now our son. In honour of them and of all our fallen soldiers, I have posted several videos from YouTube on my facebook. If you want to search for your favourite, go to YouTube and type in Remembrance Day. I hope your favourite is among them.


Our son Cory, during his tour in Kandahar


  1. My family tended not to mention the war much. We wore our poppies for Remembrance Day but that was about it. I didn't question why but as an adult realize it must have been something they didn't want to think about. Your experiences have been closer to home as you live between the generations who have been and are still directly involved.

  2. Hi Carol. Actually, nobody spoke of the war at our house either. They talked about the places they'd seen, friends, fun stuff, but no actual war stories.

  3. My post at My Gather raised an issue that would have never occurred to me otherwise. That by wearing a Poppy on Remembrance Day, I'm glorifying war.

    I'm either very naive or living a different kind of life, one that is not associated with such negativity. I would have never thought such a thing if I hadn't read that comment. Now, unfortunately, it's in my brain and will never go away.

    Wearing a Poppy is about honouring all the men and women who died so that I can live my life to the fullest.

  4. Only a half-wit would suggest that wearing the poppy glorified war. Unfortunately brave people put their lives on the line every day to give half-wits like that their right to speak freely - even if what they say is moronic. Nice post - a great tribute. Thanks,


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