Thursday, December 31, 2009

Special People of 2009

I'd like to thank the following people for contributing to the overall well-being of my blog in 2009. Your support, guest spots, interviews, commentaries have inspired and motivated me to be a better writer and a better person. Best to you all in 2010. See you in the bookstores.

Happy New Year.

93.1 CFIS-FM
A. F. Stewart

Aaron Lazar

Alexandra Sokoloff
Angela T. Pisaturo
Anjuelle Floyd
April Pohren

Bob Zumwalt

Carol J. Garvin
Carol Percer

Carola Dunn

Cathy Stucker

Charles Jacobs
Cherley Grogg

Christopher Hoare
Chuggin McCoffee
Diana Lopez

Dave Elbright

Ernie Johnson

Gary Presley

Helen Kitson

J. Kaye Oldner
Janet Reid

Jerry D. Simmons
Jo Ann Y. Hernandez
Jo Linsdell
Joe Moore

Joel Huan

John Kremer

Judith Marshall
Karen and Robin
Katherine Swarts

Kathrine Neff Perry
Keith Pyeatt

Mark David Gerson
Marta Stephens
Martha Engber
Maya Reynolds
Meg Westley

Michele Lee

Michael Geffner
Nancy Holzner
Nancy Wise

Nerine Dorman

Pat Bertram

Pat Brown

Penny C. Sansevieri
Phyllis Zimbler Miller
Reg Feyer

Sandhill Book Marketing

Selene Skye

Teresa Mallam
Theytus Books
Toni McGee Causey



  1. Joylene, hope your new year is the bees knees!

  2. THANK you, Kim. Hope yours is as wonderful as can be. LOL I didn't know bees have knees.

  3. It's nice of you to include me on your list, thank you. I'm glad if I helped in any way.

    Happy New Year and the Best of Wishes!

  4. The very best to you in the New Year, Anita. I am humbled by your constant support and good wishes. I hope all your endeavours are successful. You are much appreciated.

  5. Great list, Joylene. So pleased to be a part of it. You do know, of course, that you should be heading the list? You've been a great supporter of all of us.

  6. What a nice thing to say, Pat. Thanks. Your support meant a lot in 2009. I'm excited about where your career is going in 2010 too. It's going to be an adventure, that's for sure.

  7. Thanks, Cher. Happy New Year to you too!

  8. Happy New Year! I met you through J Kayes blog and was so impressed with your post!

    Have a wonderful 2010 - best wishes with your books!

  9. Thanks for including me but you knew I would cry so loud you'd hear me up there if you didn't include me. ha ha

    I'm sure it was a mishap that your name wasn't on that list as a support to so many others.

    May your New Year be filled with magic and love for you and DH. May God keep your son safe in this trouble and keep all your sons happy and content.

    Jo Ann Hernandez
    BronzeWord Latino Book Tours

  10. Happy 2010, Joylene. I value another year of our ongoing friendship.


  11. @Sheila, thank you. Your profile pic is kewl. Wish I could sit out on my patio without freezing my buns off. LOL. Thanks for stopping by.

    @Happy New Year, JoAnn. I hope 2010 is a profitable and kind year for you. Thanks for all you do.

    @Back at you, Keith. I see 2010 an even bigger year for you, full of success, excitement and writing! Happy New Year.

  12. WOW! I made your list! How cool is THAT!!! Glad we crossed paths & became friends. Hope you have a fantastic 2010. Currently busy with rewrites & editing but I'll be around a bit more in the near future. Lots of cool stuff going on. Will update you soon. Thanks again. Dave

  13. Of course you made my list, you silly man. Best to you, Deb and the family. Happy New Year!

  14. Thanks, Joylene. The writing community is a great place. There's nothing like the support and encouragement we offer each other in this otherwise rather solitary pursuit. I appreciate your friendship.

  15. Wow! Thank you for the mention. I have a feeling that 2010 is going to be even better. :)

  16. @Carol, the writing improved ten-fold when you joined.

    @J.Kaye, hope your 2010 is beyond awesome.

  17. Just now saw this. You're welcome.


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