Saturday, January 9, 2010

2008 Giller Prize Winner JOSEPH BOYDEN

The authors featured here with the help of MojoSupreme are exceptionally gifted writers of my generation. If you recognize their names, kudos. If you know what the Giller Prize is, then you know they are the pinnacle of Canadian literary success.

Joseph Boyden

Interview With Joseph Boyden Author of Through Black Spru...
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Excerpt of Through Black Spruce by Giller Prize winner Joseph Boyden:
"You know I was a bush pilot. The best. But the best have to crash. And I’ve crashed a plane, me. Three times. I need to explain this all to you. I was a young man when I crashed the first time. The world was wide open. I was scared of nothing. Just before Helen and I had our oldest boy. The first time I crashed I was drunk, but that wasn’t the reason I crashed. I used to fly a bush plane better with a few drinks in me. I actually believe my eyesight improved with whisky goggles on. But sight had nothing to do with my first crash. Wait. It had everything to do with it. Snowstorm. Zero visibility. As snow blinded my takeoff from the slick runway, I got the go-ahead with a warning from the Moosonee flight tower: harder snow coming..."


  1. I haven't read Boyden's earlier book but THROUGH BLACK SPRUCE sounds like it should be an interesting story. Thanks for posting the interview.

  2. It does sound interesting, doesn't it. I have a stack of books I'm obligated to read first, but I'm putting his on my list.


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