Monday, January 4, 2010


Reminder: Phyllis Zimbler Miller's column ASK PZM airs on the 5th day of the month every month beginning tomorrow. Yes, it's already January 4th. Where did the time go?

For those of you who suffer from post-Christmas depression, here's a mental health link that's worth checking out: Lucy Robinson, Beating the New Year's blues.

Lucy writes "...Don’t place yourself under unnecessary pressure. As the start of the New Year we burden ourselves with unrealistic expectations about what the new year will bring and what we will achieve. We need to remember that we are not perfect and we shouldn’t expect too much of ourselves."

If you're in the southern States or somewhere in the world where it's warm, check out the view from my front window:

 Guinea and the hen are doing well, and I'm sure if they could, they'd wish you all a Happy New Year.



  1. No way would I want to deal with THAT cold & snow. We're in the middle of a cold snap here & it's miserable. Had to cover the orange trees & "tropical" plants last night.

  2. I always have a list going, but never get it all done.

    Morgan Mandel

  3. Brrrr!! It's very green here... 6 degrees and raining this morning and I'm not complaining one bit.

    Lucy's got a good point there. I always think it's strange how some people expect their lives to magically change after January 1st.

  4. @Dave, I can barely believe I'm dealing with it. No wonder cabin-fever is our biggest problem north of Vancouver.

    @Morgan, bet it feels good when you see your list shrink tho. Lists are okay, as long as we don't rely on them for our well being.

    @Carol, my renewal comes in the spring when the ice goes off the lake. I can feel myself coming to life. I did make a point of embracing Christmas and that worked until the 29th. LOL. Now I'm reminding myself to slow down.

  5. Just hook up your sled dogs and come on down. We're supposed to have snow here tonight!!!! We watched a fb game yesterday where the snow was so heavy you could hardly see the field. I kept looking outside expecting some of the stuff here---since it's cold here too.

  6. All of N/A seems to feel the same way. We drove to town yesterday and for the first 60 miles the sky was as blue as it could be. Just b4 we reached Pr.George the sky turned black. We were socked in the entire time we were there. Feel sorry for them city folk.

  7. Oh, my... you keep guinea fowl. They are PESTS here where we live. We have whole flocks of them running about in the mornings. They also get run over by cars regularly and at the crack of dawn they're usually the first who're awake to make their hideous calls that sound like wheelbarrow wheels that need grease.

  8. Oh my, Nerine, LOL, now you've caught me. I'm keeping Mr. Guinea. Actually, here in Canada, pests are bats, crows and blue jays. Our Mr. Guinea is quite quiet and shy. He does poop a lot though.

    Thanks for stopping by.


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