Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm a Mr. Linky Award Winner!

My dear generous friend, Marta Stephens, author of Silenced Cry and The Devil Can Wait awarded me the Prolific Blogger Award.  Marta is one of those rare creatures who would drop everything to help other writers reach their potential first. Just ask anyone at Murder By 4. Marta is kind, gentle, and a terrific writer. And now I'm left stammering an unworthy THANK YOU!

But even I have to admit I've come a long way. With the help of bloggers like Marta. Thank you, kiddo. Thanks for all the encouragement and support one author could ever ask for. And thanks to all my readers for supporting me during my short blogger career. I love my Mr. Linky Award!

Here are the official award rules--do what you will with them (follow them to the letter, modify them, ignore them completely).

1. Pass this award to at least seven other deserving prolific bloggers.

2. Link to the blog from which you received the award.

3. Link back to this Prolific Blogger post, which explains the origins and motivation for the award.

4. Add your name to the Mr. Linky. (Will there ever be a "Ms. Linky"?!)

Here are my deserving recipients:

1. Carol J. Garvin,
2. Pat Bertram,
3. Carole Anne Carr,
4. Katie Hines,
5. Katherine Neff Perry,
6. Vivian Zabel,
7. Dave Elbright,

You guys continually inspire me. Thanks!


  1. Joy, you so deserve this award! I can't think of any one who has been a bigger support to me than you. You are ALWAYS there for me--even when you are sick. You have become like a sister. Always encouraging me and everyone around you. I pray your books are on the New York Times Best Seller list for months! Love you

  2. Thank you, Katt! Wow, NY Best Seller List! Yup, that would be kewl.

  3. Thanks Joylene!

    You deserve the award for sure. Lots of cool posts, guests, & info. I don't know Vivian or Katie but Carol, Pat, Carole Anne & Katt are certainly deserving as well.

    I've learned lots of cool stuff on your site & linked to some great folks & now, like you, they're my friends. Way awesome.

  4. Dave, you're doing a great job with your blog & I just wanted you to know. I'm glad you're pleased, cuz you're way awesome.

  5. Don’t kid yourself, Joylene. You’ve been there for me too! You deserve all the success that comes your way!:)

  6. Marta, you need anything, anytime, I'm here.

  7. Thanks so much, Joylene, and well done you. Such a lovely idea, and I think the illustration is wonderful. It reminds me of some drawings I have depicting the various stages of a woman's life. I must post them for you if I can find them in the computer. Hugs..and a new day, so night, night....

  8. Carole, you are very very welcomed.

  9. You deserve the award, Joylene. You really are an inspiration to us all. Thank you for including me. It's always a compliment to be linked in any list with you and JaxPop.

  10. Thanks, Joylene! It's so sweet of you to send the award my way! I think it's a wonderful way to express the appreciation we all have for each other's support. The writers' online community is an awesome place! You're more than deserving of the award yourself. I'm so glad we made the cyberspace connection. Your friendliness and encouragement mean a lot to me and I enjoy the information and interviews you include on your blog. So congratulations on being a worthy award recipient.

  11. Congratulations.

    This is a great way to bring other bloggers to our attention. What a great concept.

    I'm jumping around collecting blogs. Thank you for some great places to visit.

  12. @Pat, you're very welcomed.

    @Carol, believe it or not, sometimes I feel corny constantly telling those who inspire me how much they inspire me. But really, this writer's life is otherwise a lonely and solitude place. What the heck -- thanks for inspiring me!

    @Cher, I'm so glad you find some useful info off my blog and links. Knowing that means more than I can say.


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