Tuesday, January 26, 2010


After a 14-day flu, I'm left with a cold, (nothing that should stop me from jumping back into a tight schedule) and I'm trying desperately to get back to work.

It's harder said than done. And now I'm reeling with guilt for not knowing exactly how to do that.

In the proverbial wings, I'm waiting for my editor to start me on a journey of rewrites for Broken But Not Dead. She said we'd begin after Christmas, which is open to interpretation. What does "After Christmas" actually mean?

There really is no rush, Broken isn't due to be released until 2011. So, the way I see it, I could do one of  seven things:

1. Revise one of four finished manuscripts. It's too late for Dead Witness.
2. Continue on the first draft of Dead Wrong.
3. Do housework instead; oddly, there's a lot of it.
5. Scratch housework and read the novels piling up on my desk. (Halfway through Don Maass' Breakout Novel Workbook)
6. Start new children's book that's coming to life at back of my mind.
7. Or, get all other aspects of life in order so I can concentrate 100% on editing Broken when "After Christmas" arrives.

Meanwhile, here's a distraction from The Huffington Post: Crasher Seal


  1. So pleased you are feeling a bit better, your choices are rather like mine, reminds me of that wonderful children's poem that always goes through my head on these occasions, must post it. Then when I reached the end of the post burst out laughing...thanks.

  2. LOL. Isn't Ms. Seal adoreable? I know, Carole, I had planned on just ending the post, but when I saw this pic, well, I couldn't resist.

  3. This is adorable. Thanks, Joylene.

  4. I know how you feel about getting back to work, specifically about the guilt. I'm pushing myself to stay focused too - on a deadline for a new ms, so I have to get it together.

    I don't really know where the guilt comes from, but it feels better to know I'm not alone.

    And I really love that seal ;)

  5. Hi Marcie. Thanks!

    Hi Christine. Yes, it's nice knowing I'm not alone too.

  6. My DD's agent said she would be getting back to her "early in January", and that's yet to happen. Seems like the publishing business is just one waiting game after another.

    Glad you're up and at things again, anyway. I'd say don't stress trying to decide what you should do... just tackle what appeals the most and go on from there. (And the seal is very sweet!)

  7. Glad you're better - Tried to merge the seal video with the polar bear video to see if the bears were still 'nice'

    I agree with Carol - Start on the most appealing task, it can only go downhill from there. Wait, that didn't come out right

  8. @Carol, I've been in this business long enough that you'd think I'd be used to waiting. Editor-to-be is probably finishing up with another author. Or ... who knows. But I'm going to do the exercises in Donald Maass's workbook while I wait. I queried for his permission to do the exercises with my readers but I haven't heard back. He does recommend doing the exercises with a writer's group, so he probably won't mind. Still, I don't feel comfortable beginning without his written permission.

    When you attended the SWC, was Mr. Maass there?

  9. @Dave, you're right. I'm too old to be stuck doing stuff I don't want to do. So, do you have any suggestions on how I entice DH into doing housework now that he's retired? He cooks breakfast and dinner, but he's not so keen on vacuuming.


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