Monday, February 1, 2010

The Magic and Power of MUSIC

Someone's blog asked the other day if music was important to writing. The question made me smile because I thought music and writing went hand in hand. Judging by the many replies, I wasn't alone.

Back in the late 70s, I had the privilege of seeing Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald on stage at the Queen E in Vancouver. It was a magical evening. Music smoother than silk. And we sat three rows from the stage! Immediately behind me was Art Carney and his teenage son and daughter. He was in Vancouver filming Harry and Tonto. I could hear him explaining to his kids what a thrill this was and hopefully they would never forget it. I never did. When Ms. Ella hit that high note, you want to bet everyone in that audience covered their ears.



  1. OMG yes, she is fabulous. Hearing Ella in person must have been awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am one of those strange people who can't read or write with noise and that includes music. I don't listen to music very often, although I do like it, but on my down time I would rather read or write and I do that better without the distraction.

  3. @Marlene, it was awesome! A night I'll never forget.

    @Andi, I like quiet too, so I understand what you mean. I also like how certain music helps me write a particularly difficult scene. I listened to Dire Straits Brothers in Arms over and over again while I was writing the building of a scene in my Vietnam novel. It set the mood in a way I couldn't duplicate.

    Thanks for the comment, Andi & Marlene.


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