Saturday, February 6, 2010


Spent the day working on my WIP so I could post another exercise from Donald Maass' book Writing The Breakout Novel Workbook tomorrow. To celebrate my small accomplishment, I've been surfing the net looking for interesting sites. Came across an awesome website called Smashing Tips with 25 plus examples of natural sky photographs. If you've stopped by my blog before, you know I love posting pics of Cluculz Lake's sunrises and sunsets.

Here's a sunset photo I took from our deck October 5, 2009:

 Here are a few from Smashing Tips:

Couldn't post the name of the photographers because they didn't accompany the photographs. If you love this kind of stuff, check out the rest at


  1. Whaddya doin' lettin' strange photographers take pics from your deck?

    Nice pics. Seriously. Will remove my tongue from cheek now.

  2. LOL. Judging by Deb's talent, I knew you'd like these natural sky pics, Dave. You've got a good eye! And the other one's good too.

  3. Gorgeous photos, Joylene, and yours is every bit as good as any of the professionals. Such a beautiful spot!

  4. Thanks for noticing, Carol. That's what I was thinking also.


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