Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thank You Team Canada

By now we've all seen this photo a dozen times. The news must have shown the famous shot every fifteen minutes. It was a wonderful moment for all Canadians. And in the next few weeks, perhaps even longer, writers, philosophers, intellects will attempt to summarize why the moment was so precious to a country that seems so well adjusted. I'm wondering myself. From November 25th when our son carried the torch, from the opening ceremony right up to the closing, I feel like I'm a different person.

God Bless You, Canada.


  1. Yes, Congrats to Canada. Being from the states, I was rooting for the USA team, but Canada's win was well deserved. Happy gold medal:)

  2. Our American friends have always been good neighbours and their hockey teams played fantastic games with ours. The men's game today was a real nail biter! But, oh boy, that ending was very sweet. :)

  3. @Karen, thank you. It was an exciting game. When Team USA made that second goal, I thought it was over with. I think that's what made the win so sweet. Team USA retained their honour by tying up, and Team Canada made the whole Olympic experience sweeter by winning.

    @Hi Carol. I think they'll be trying to sum up Vancouver 2010 for some time to come. Who would have known the country would respond the way they did. Even die-hard anti-Olympics cheered at the end. What a wonderful games.

    My heart goes out to Nodar Kumaritashvili's family.

  4. I didn't watch the game but saw the happy winners right afterward. I'm always going to root for my home team, but if the US isn't the winner, I'm thrilled it's Canada, especially this year hosting the Olympics.

  5. Yes, I agree, Keith. It was neat that it came down to Team USA and Team Canada. Especially since members on both teams play for the other country.

  6. Hi Joylene,
    Magic. One of the greatest moments in sporting history.
    I watched it over here in England. My neighbours must have wondered about all my screaming and yelling. I think I owe them an explanation. lol.
    I've been wandering around the streets of my town in England; dressed from head to toe in Maple Leafs. Bless Canada and bless the true ideals of the Olympic spirit.
    Kind wishes, your way, Gary :-)

  7. Sometimes it takes a little reminding just how much we have to be proud of. We do tend to undersell ourselves. These games resurrected that spirit and breathed some life into our patriotism!

  8. @Gary, the news showed fan in the UK. I squinted, but I still couldn't pick you out. LOL.

    @Lorac, thanks for the comment. I agree whole-heartedly. Oh, and beautiful photos on your blog. Very beautiful.

  9. Hi Joylene,
    I was the guy wearing the 'Canadian Olympic Team' t-shirt and the 'Molsons Canadian' Toque lol.
    I have blogged about the Olympic experience. Was back in Canada, in spirit.
    Take it easy eh:-) Gary.

  10. When TEAM USA tied the game, I was so sure we would lose. Then I felt guilty for believing that, so I turned the TV back on. Of course, I saw Crosby make the goal. Well, I sort of saw. The puck flew into the net so fast I doubt anyone saw it. What an exciting day. It did something wonderful for Canada. It gave us something to smile about. We did good.


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