Tuesday, March 2, 2010

DEAD WITNESS, a review by Harold N. Walters

I received a pleasant surprise this morning. Harold N. Walters writes a column for The Southern Gazette call Book ReMarks. He reviews novels. Today's review was for my suspense thriller Dead Witness. Thank you, Walter.

The Southern Gazette

Daddy’s Boy sent me this book from Prince George for Christmas. Remember Christmas?
Author, Joylene Nowell Butler, lived in Prince George for nearly 20 years. Now she lives near Vanderhoof, still in the same neck of the woods. 

Because of the solitary tree and the field of snow pictured on the cover, my first reaction to ‘Dead Witness’ was, Oh no! Not a story with a lot of snow in it! 
I have no love for snow, not even in books and movies. But, since it was a gift from Daddy’s Boy, I placed it at the bottom of my pile of Christmas books.
Now I’ve read it and I’m sporting a bruised butt, the result of booting myself for not reading it sooner. Dead Witness is a dandy yarn, a Canadian thriller. .... more....

The  Southern Gazette is a member of Transcontinental-Media Community Newspapers. It is based in Marystown, printed in St. John's and distributed to Burin Peninsula residents every Tuesday.


  1. Wonderful to have well deserved praise, Joylene, I should think it should motivate you to keep writing, even when the going gets tough. Hope your next novel is going well. Hugs.. Carole.

  2. Hi Carole. Thank you for your kind words. Yes, reviews like this keep me writing. Especially since I don't even know Mr. Walters and hadn't heard of his column until today. Very nice surprise.

  3. Nice review. I'm not published, so I can only goo-goo at the prospects of receiving a review like this for my work. Good for you, Joylene.

  4. Congrats:) Surprises like these are wonderful!

  5. @Lanny, keep believing. It'll happen.

    @Karen, thanks!

  6. What a nice surprise for you. It's gotta feel great knowing that folks from the west coast all the way to the east coast are enjoying and praising Dead Witness. Congratulations on a great review, Joylene!

  7. Thank you, Carol. It does feel wonderful. Very reaffirming.

  8. Nice review, Joylene. Dandy yarn, indeed. Must have been quite the pleasant surprise.


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