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Interview with Nanci Arvizu

I was recently a guest on Blog Talk Radio and felt so comfortable with my host that I invited her as a guest on my blog. She said yes, and now I'm pleased to introduce Nanci Arvizu of the Page Readers show on Blog Talk Radio. Page Readers allows authors a great marketing opportunity to have their work reviewed and discussed on the show. Nanci is going to share a bit about Page Readers and more.

Q: Would you please tell us about the journey of a self described “cowgirl at heart” to having her own Blog Talk show?

A:  Wow, where to begin.  That’s not exactly a short story, but I’ll try…  I live in a rural area just outside of Scottsdale, Arizona with my husband of 15 years, our now teenage daughter and our “zoo” of animals: 3 Horses, 3 dogs, 3 cats and a bird.  After living in the concrete jungle of southern California we decided we wanted to live where we could have the horses “in the backyard”, with space to ride – without having to put the horses in a trailer to get there.

Being a cowgirl, owning horses and living out like we do was not something I’d planned for my life.  Six years ago if you’d have asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up, I would have said, “Play golf and travel”.  Today, I can’t imagine my life any other way.  To be able to saddle up and ride at any time into one of the most beautiful places on earth is more than a dream come true.  I believe its how my life was meant to be.
Part of this destiny included my dream of being a writer.  But as most authors know and experience, getting the book done and published is barely half the job, it’s really just the first step.  The second step is getting that book into the hands of people who will buy and read it.
About a year ago I met another author, Jan Sydnam, who was telling me about her struggle to find decent publicity for her work that didn’t cost a fortune. From our conversations, Page Readers was born.


Q.  What made you decide on a “Radio Show”?
I had started out thinking I wanted a Pod Cast type of show, where it could be recorded and then emailed out to people.  But in looking at Pod Casting, I found it to be a bit confusing and discovered that I would need software and even hardware to make it happen.  This might not be the case now, or even then, it’s just what I found at the time.
Then I came across Blog Talk Radio.  All I needed was a free account, access to the internet and a phone.  The show is recorded using the Blog Talk Radio switchboard and I am able to call in using my cell phone.
The show is also stored at Blog Talk Radio, so I didn’t need to invest in any kind of storage system. 
Plus, from any show page, either the main page of the show, or each authors individual show page, the interview can be played to visitors at any time, downloaded, converted into an MP3 and shared via email, blogs, twitter, Facebook and many other ways.  Easy!
Q.  How do you find guests to be on the show?
I started with Jan.  She was my “test run” and we had to do her interview two times before I felt like I had the hang of it.  Then I asked a writer whose blog I had been following, Jared Garrett, to by my guest.  At first I was having authors read a little from their work which was O.K., as long as the author felt comfortable.  I realized this wasn’t for every guest, not everyone is comfortable reading out loud.
Then I kept browsing through my connections around the internet.  The groups I’m involved in at Linked In are full of authors trying to get the word out about books they’ve written.
The best way to find other guests has been through word of mouth by previous guests.  Authors are usually a member of a writers group, critique group or they are members of a group specific to a genre.  Lori Titus, who is an author at the blog Flashes in the Dark, she writes The Merradith Ryder Series, was a guest and when she spread the word I had a flood of incredibly talented Science-Fiction writers asking to be on the show. 
As the show has grown in popularity, I’m now getting anywhere from 3-5 interview requests per week, and as a result have started doing 10 -15 shows a month.  
Q:  What qualities do you look for in the books or authors you decide to interview?
Page Readers is for authors of any genre.  The purpose is to allow the author the opportunity to discuss their work in a positive way that can be shared many times over.  Anyone who has written a novel, novella, short stories, books on business, health, relationships, writers of web series, flash fiction, etc., are all welcomed guest.  Every author deserves a moment in the spotlight!
Q:  What is the process for a new writer who wants to be reviewed and interviewed on your show?
On the Page Readers show page at Blog Talk Radio, and on the Page Readers blog, I have links to an interview request form.  Once I receive that, I reply with an information letter explaining the process in more detail. 
Q:  You are in an excellent position to view the rapidly changing publishing world from both the viewpoint of the authors and the publishers. What do you see happening in the publishing industry that might help or hinder Aspiring Writers?
I think the advent of e-books helps new authors immensely. Since it’s less expensive and there are so many new, small publishers who are willing to take on new authors and produce their work as an e-book, authors whose work might have been passed over by the larger publishers are getting the chance to have their work published.

On the downside, not all publishers get their authors’ works onto the larger e-book sites and even then, being on the larger sites doesn’t guarantee success.  Authors are usually still responsible for their own marketing.
Q:  Have you had any particularly outstanding authors you’d like to tell us about and why you liked them or their works?
I’ve had so many incredibly talented authors on the show!  I’d have to start with my first guest, the person who inspired me to start Page Readers, Jan Sydnam.  Her book “Oh, For God’s Sake” is the fictional story of her real life growing up as an abused child.  She has since gone on to be a successful ghost writer, helping others tell their own stories. 
Then there is Hank Quense, an incredibly talented science fiction writer with two books out.  The first is a collection of short stories, “Tunnel Vision”, and the second is his first full length novel, “Fools Gold”.  My favorite story in Tunnel Vision is “Sponsored By”, which is a story of war with soldiers wearing and using gear that’s covered in sponsor’s logos. They’re being filmed for reality TV, and mid way into the battle the leader figures out he’s been tricked all for the sake of ratings.  I think it would make a fantastic TV show, or even a movie.
Another wonderful guest was Jean Holloway.  The best part of her interview actually took place before and after the show was being recorded.  Jean is not only an incredible story teller she is a woman of joy and inspiration.  The two books she’s written “Black Jack” and “Ace of Hearts” were stories that, in her own words, wrote themselves.  She just let the characters tell her their tale and she put the words to paper.  
And Patricia Saxton, whose work is not your ordinary story.  As an artist she has created two books so far, “A Book of Mermaids” and the one I interviewed her about, “A Book of Fairies”.  Both are beautiful works of art. She has more books like these in the works.
Believe me; this list could go on and on and on…
Q:  Besides offering authors a chance to be heard on Page Readers, do you work with any other places or people who offer other types of services to authors?
Yes!  Author Meeting Place and Mind Fog Reviews.  At Author Meeting Place authors are given a free page where their book and bio are posted giving them more web exposure.  They can also connect with authors in their area and hold book signings or other publicity events together.  There are also monthly contests in several different categories for all authors.
Mind Fog Reviews, which is a part of Author Meeting Place, is a free review service.  After the book is reviewed the review is posted on the authors AMP page and on the Mind Fog Review blog, again giving the author and the book more web exposure.  Mind Fog Reviews also offers “Fast Track” reviews for a small fee, if an author has an urgent need for a review of their work.

The owner of Author Meeting Place, Anna Cassella-Young offers author services such as editing, formatting, bookmarking and can create book trailers all for a very reasonable fee. As an author herself, she understands the meaning of “starving artists”.    

And then there is the second part of Page Readers.  If an author sends me their book to be reviewed, I will post my review on Good Reads and Amazon (if the book is available through Amazon) and anywhere else the book is listed or sold.  I also create an article about the author and their work on Squidoo which allows me to provide links to their interview, their work, blogs and any other place where the author can be found on the web.  The more exposure for my guests and their work, the better!
Q:  Where and how can we listen to Page Readers?
All shows are available as “Listen on Demand”.  Just go to and scroll through the pages.

Q:  Have we forgotten anything or is there anything else you’d like add?

 I’d like to extend the invitation to all of your readers who have written anything from a novel to a blog to request an interview on Page Readers!  And I’d also like to invite everyone to become a fan of Page Readers on Facebook where I post all of my guests’ interviews.

I’d also like to add something many of my guests say as their “last words” on the show.  If you have a dream of becoming an author, DO IT.  Don’t quit.  Write every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes.  The habit will form and soon you will find yourself done with that book you always wanted to write.  The only person who can make your dreams come true is YOU!  

Thank you so much, Nanci, for all you do. 


  1. Thanks for the great interview, Joylene and Nanci. What Nanci does is really wonderful. Kudos to you. I'm visiting the links now.

  2. Yes, thanks for this, Joylene. And thank you for all you do for writers, Nanci. Great interview.

  3. Thank you, Sam, for stopping by. Presenting promoters like Nanci is the highlight of my week.

    Tim and Martha, thanks so much for leaving a comment. Your visit is greatly appreciated.

  4. Thank you Joylene for this opportunity! Page Readers has been so much fun. I've enjoyed meeting all the wonderful and talented authors and learning more about them and their work.

  5. Awesome interview Joylene. Sounds like a very worthwhile promo site Nanci. I'll have to follow along & check it out.

  6. Thanks Nanci and Joylene. Page Readers, Author Meeting Place and Mind Fog Reviews all sound like wonderful marketing resources for new authors. I'm off now to check out the links.

  7. Nanci, you're so welcome. What you're doing is a wonderful thing and I hope your program grows in leaps and bounds.

    Dave, please do check out Nanci's program. She's a delightful host and makes the entire process easy and enjoyable.

    Hi Carol. As always your support makes projects like my blog doable. And in turn I can bring some wonderful writers to the attention of people who might not otherwise hear about them. Isn't blogging fun!

  8. Joylene, you meet the nicest people. Thanks for sharing Nanci. I'm definitely checking out her links.

  9. Howdy, Nanci. Great to get the chance to learn more about you.

    Keith Pyeatt

  10. Hi Keith. Thanks for introducing Nanci and I. I had a great time on her radio program and learning more about her in this interview has been wonderful.


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