Saturday, April 24, 2010


Get on the bandwagon and sign-up for Blog Jog Day on May 9th. Together, we can help each other and promote as a team!

Next month I'll be hosting an arrange of great writers. Mark your calendars for:

May 1 - JoAnn Hernandez
May 4 - Sandra Lopez
May 5 - Phyllis Z. Miller
May 9 - Blog Jog Day 
May 11 - Al Carlos, Lili
May 17 - Rene Colato Lainez
May 18 - Mayra Calvani
May 20 - Katherine Swarts
May 22 - Estevan Aarson
May 25 - Matt de la Pena
May 28 - Caridad Pineiro
May 31 - JoAnn Hernandez

Virtual Book Tour for Beyond the Gardens by Sandra Lopez:

Monday     April 26     Bonnie S. Mata  

Tuesday    April 27     Mayra Calvani

Wednesday     April 28     Christina Rodriguez

Thursday     April 29     Lori Calabrese

Friday     April 30     Mary Jo

Monday     May 3     Erin O'Riordan

 Tuesday    May 4     Joylene Nowell Butler
Wednesday     May 5     Terri Lee-Johnson   
Thursday     May 6     Romina Tybitt   
Friday     May 7     Leslie Toledo 


  1. I think so too. BJD will bring us together into a nice tight community. Makes the world feel smaller, eh?

  2. Hi Joylen,
    My calendar is well and truly marked.
    Look forward to reading contributions from these great writers.
    All the best to you and watch out for lousy gadgets that don't live up to their hype:-)
    Kind wishes, Gary

  3. Hah! Like I can come up with anything decent to blog about these days.

  4. Hi Gary. Maybe you can join next year.

    Dave, you're too modest. Who else do you know who can blog about nothing? I mean writing about nothing. Oops.


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