Thursday, April 1, 2010


In many places all over the world, spring has arrived. I read about it on some of my favourite blogs, and yes, I feel a tinge of envy.  [Joey the cat]

 For reasons that suited us well in the late seventies, we chose to live in the north. The school system had a good reputation, the work was here, and the country lifestyle was extremely appealing.  [Dakota the dog]

 We also knew that with the advantages of living in the interior came the potential for cruel winters, cold falls, and chilly summers.  After thirty-one years, every other summer is rainy season. [Egor the donkey and friends]

But spring gives light to dreams. There's an exciting sense of awe in the air. We can't help but wonder what will follow spring? How will we spend the longer, carefree days of summer?  [Smiley the lamb]

Come spring, we hear children laughing, birds chirping. The sun's heat feels good on our skin, and everywhere there are hints of new life.  [Murray, one of the wise men]

I've mentioned a few times and even showed pictures of the animals we farm-sit for a fellow up the road. After sharing the seasons with them, I'm seeing telltale signs of their individual personalities. One thing I've noticed this week is their collective response to the signs of spring. They're starting to kick up their heels. Figuratively.  [Paka the Alpaca]

  Is it because they know that spring is in the air?  [Charlie and Lilly the geese]

Or is it simply an instinct to procreate?  [Lilly the goose]

 Being the idealist that I am, I choose to believe that these innocent, wide-eyed creatures know something that I've forgotten. That the secret of spring isn't a secret but an attitude. The attitude of awe and wonderment.   [Bruno the goat]


  1. Hello Joylene,
    Ah the wonders of spring, indeed! A renewal, as the little buds awaken.
    I know all too well about the weather where you live. I once stayed at 70 Mile House over the 'Queen Victoria' long weekend. Sunny and warm on Friday, snowy and cold by Saturday:-)
    Lovely story and photographs, Joylene.
    Incidentally, on Wednesday, we had a major snowstorm here in parts of Britain. My friends in the 'Lower Mainland' were bragging about warm and sunny weather. Hmmm..
    Take good care and may the spring be a most wonderful time for you and your loved ones.
    With respect, Gary

  2. Thank you, Gary. I love 70 Mile House. And the ranch at 108. Yes, the atmosphere there is very appealing, but wait 5 minutes and the weather's capable of anything.

    It hailed here on Wednesday. That's spooky. But not uncommon. When I was a child our weather was very similar to that of my cousins there in England.

    Blessings to you and yours too!

  3. Love the blog and those pictures, Joylene. Love spring too. Ours teased us for a couple days then disappeared. I have every confidence it'll be back.

  4. Thank you, Keith. Happy spring. Yes, it'll be back for sure. I'm sure.

  5. Hey, Joylene, you know the cutest fellows. I especially like the last one. He looks like an old boyfriend. He had the wide-eye look too.

  6. So pleased the feeling of Spring is with you, Joylene, the harsh winter almost out of the way. And I love the photographs, but please could you send the cat!
    Hugs, Carole x

  7. Hi Candice. I named him Bruno because he thinks he's bigger than he actual is. Adorable, yes. Bad for jumping up tho. I've tried correcting him, but he's not a fast learner.

    Hi Carole. The kitty's name is Joey. Not sure if it's a girl or a boy. Very affectionate. I could look, but that seems so forward considering we don't actually live together.

    Thanks for stopping by, ladies. I love that you like my friends.

  8. I can't decide which is my favorite. Should I pick a favorite? Probably not, hey? But if I was, I'd have to say Smiley is awful cute. Paka is a close second. Bruno is cute too. And so is Joey, and Dakota, Charlie, Murray. Oh heck, I love em all!

  9. Excellent blog, Joylene. You live the neatest life. Bet they calm those writing blues.

  10. I'll pass your love along, Jack. Especially to Murray. He's a bit of a crank. You can't tell, but he's actually charging me in that photo. He's a tough guy. I'll try to capture him strutting his stuff with the other two wise men.

  11. Thanks, Josh. And thanks for stopping by. Much appreciated.

  12. Ah, spring! Some days we have it, some days we don't. Yesterday the ground was covered in sn--... no, slush. Today it mostly rained. But the trees are all turning green and the hummingbirds are back so I think we've got it made here. Has your lake ice gone out yet?

    Love the pictures of all your chums. I'm sure you'd guess that Dakota is my favourite. A Border Collie I assume? He has a very sweet expression.

  13. Hi Carole. Yes, Dakota is a lovely dog. He meets us at the gate and when we drive away, turn off the forest road and look through the trees, I can often still see him at the gate. It breaks my heart. But he's like the child you leave at the daycare centre. As soon as I'm out of sight, he's back playing with others.


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