Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Fessing Up Time

Thanks to everyone who joined in and tried to determine which was true in my Lies and Creative Writers post.

1. While I'm sure Helen Reddy is a super person, being subjected to I am Woman continually during the 70s was just too much. Lie. Sorry, Helen. 
 2.Not sure what I was thinking when I stated Mr. Willis was my favourite male singer. I like Bruce enough, but he will never top Freddy Mercury, John Fogerty, Ray Charles or Frank Sinatra. Definite Lie. Sorry, Bruce.
3. I probably do favour the weather in Kandahar, but since I've never been there...Lie.
4. During the RCMP's Musical Ride I was visiting my brother who was attending to his horse when suddenly Tom Jones strolled by. That's as close to a dance as I got. Little Lie.
5. Thanks to my girlfriend who was dating Roy Orbison's stage manager at the time, we were offered front row seats during not one concert but two in the same evening. It was AWESOME. True!

6. Lie. I thrive on ice-cream. Sadly.
7. Big Lie. Bathing my cat Buster is akin to wrestling a Siberian tiger in the middle of the Congo. Did I mention I'm allergic to creepy crawling things?

Thanks, A.F.Stewart. It was fun.


  1. Aha! I wondered about the Bruce Willis one for I thought he just acted...I've got to come up with some interesting ones soon:)

  2. So much for my thinking you might actually dislike ice cream! It's fun to get your answers. This was one award that I found challenging to participate in. I'm working on getting my own answers ready to reveal on my blog later this week.

  3. Hi Joylene,
    Well, I was close with thinking you might have danced with Tom Jones. Then again, he would have been most likely star struck in your presence.
    A true sideline note for you. My former spouse was offered a job on his variety show filmed in North Vancouver. She was going to be a 'random' audience person being interviewed by him. Then she was supposed to give Tom a kiss. She turned down the job.
    Have a lovely week, Joylene.
    With respect, Gary :-)

  4. Karen, I'm looking forward to your lies. LOL.

    Carol, can't wait. Your lies were so interesting.

  5. Hi Gary. What a fascinating story. Wonder if she regrets her decision. Or maybe things happen as they should. Have a great day.

  6. Hi Joylene,
    No, she had no regrets. It was a acting assignment offered to her via a modelling agency that my former wife worked for in Vancouver.
    She said, 'no way am I kissing Tom Jones'. So she had a choice. Kiss me or kiss Tom Jones. Go figure lol
    Kind wishes, your way, Gary


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