Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Final Draft of Broken But Not Dead in Editor's Hands.

You may have heard that the fires near Vanderhoof in central BC are growing? That's still a distance from Cluculz Lake, though I could see the fire from here on Saturday when the wind changed direction. Today, the haze over the lake has lifted in part because of the wind, which also makes the fire a threat to forests west of us. I'm no longer conscious of the smell though.

I took this photo on Saturday from my balcony when the sky was still clear. Yesterday the haze was so thick we couldn't see Sinkut Mountain.

This photos is courtesy of K. Bernard.

On Saturday I was the lucky recipient of a black fly bite. I'm using cold tea bags and ice to get the swelling down, and yesterday I was able to see enough to take the online exam for my boat operator's licence. I received a grade of 97%. Of coure, DH's mark was 100%.

If you're thinking of taking the exam, I recommend studying the study guide first. Many of the questions are about buoys, sailboat light positioning, and right-of-way.

Note: you aren't allowed to take the exam on your own computer, and you must be supervised by a non-family member.

Boater Exam Study Guide

I mailed my final draft to my editor Leanne Flett Kruger last night, and now I'm sad to see the end to our working relationship. What a jewel you are, Leanne. I loved working with you. Hopefully, we can do this again in another year.

Thank you for making the whole experience so pleasant. Your encouragement, praise and assistance went above and beyond anything I could have ever hoped for or expected.  


  1. Ooo, that looks painful, but I'm glad to hear the black fly got the worst of your encounter. We avoid going to our cabin in June because they're always bad then, along with the deer flies and horse flies and mosquitos and.... There's a reason why I prefer August in the north woods. I'm glad that forest fire isn't any closer to you.

    I'm sure it's a relief to have that last draft behind you now. Hopefully your next book will be another that your agent is interested in (I can't imagine she wouldn't be. You're a great storyteller.)

    P.S. Love the blog's new look!

  2. Thanks Carol. I needed some sympathy, hence the photo. Woe is me! From your lips to God's ears.

    Best of luck with your story.

  3. You've had such a variety of experiences! Sorry to see the painful eye, hope the swelling has gone down.
    But great to hear the final edit has been sent, and you did so well with the exam! Congratulations, Joylene!

  4. Thanks, Carole. My eye is much better today and I've feeling a sense of accomplishment over our revisions. What a wonderful experience.

  5. Geez - Was the fly carryin' a hammer? Get better soon. Congrats on getting the final draft out the door. Awesome milestone. So that's a congratulatory get well wish.

  6. Congratulations on the final draft completion. And for killing that black fly. Geez, that looks painful.


  7. Hi Joylene,
    Eye, eye ,eye,(sorry) Joylene, that looks awful.
    I was not aware of the situation near Vanderhoof. I hope the situation has improved. I remember how bad it was in Kelowna, last year.
    Well done, despite the obvious discomfort, managing to get 97% on your exam.
    And many congratulations on mailing of your final draft. Mixed emotions, for sure.
    All the very best and continued happy writing.
    With respect, Gary

  8. @Dave, thanks! I squooshed the little bugger so I'm not actually sure how big he was. BIG!


    @Gary, thank you. Have a wonderful time in Hope.

  9. Oh my goodness! You look like one of your protagonists! Are you okay now? And the smoke! Wow----that has to be scary. Several years ago we had fires here in Fl. They didn't get close to us, but we could still smell the smoke! Congrats on finishing your manuscript! I'm so proud of you!!!!!
    Love you

  10. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this comment will go through. I've been trying, Joylene. I'm still reading ya.

    I live in blackfly country and I have never seen anything like that. I simply can't imagine. Hope it soon heals.

    And I've got to say, congrats! You must be getting very excited. I'll be watching for your book!!

  11. @Katt, I'm good. Almost back to normal. And it's been raining off and on for two days so the smell of smoke is nil. Hopefully the fires are almost out. Thanks for stopping by. So glad you're safe and sound back at home.

    @Laura, thanks! My DH was shocked when he woke up Sunday morning and got the first glimpse at my eye. I was bitten Saturday, but the swollen wasn't bad until the next day. He can't remember me ever having such a bad reaction. As for finishing up on my edits, I'm already missing working with Leanne. She is a joy to work with.


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