Friday, June 25, 2010


Mama Bantam and her first ever chicks

Hummingbird resting for a moment.

Summer flowers

Mr. Woodpecker pecking

In the north, signs of summer are never taken for granted. Our summer season is too short to do so. And while I long to be outside (minus the bugs) I'm enjoying work on a manuscript for a writer who has had a request from a publisher. That's always great news, and I'm happy to help.

I'm also doing research on my Metis heritage. This morning my cousin sent me a newspaper notice of our great-grandparents wedding announcement. The date was Oct 24, 1878. One hundred and 5 years before the birth of their great-great-grandson. Fascinating.

This certifies that
Honoré Gauthier
Son of J. B. Gauthier and Rosalie Germain
Rosalie Gauthier
Daughter of André Gaudry and Magdeleine David
were united in the
according to the Rite of the Roman Catholic Church
in Notre Dame de Lorette Church
Lorette, Manitoba
on the 16th of September, 1878
Father L. R. Giroux officiating


  1. What amazing photos! I really love hummingbirds. As a child they were so very scarce I only saw one or two. But now with feeders they are very common.

    It must have been exciting to see a copy of your great-grandparents wedding announcement.Such thing seem much more important to me as I age.

  2. Hi Laura. I know what you mean. When I saw their MC I wondered if they had any idea what their union would do to change the world. I wondered if they were like us and gave little thought to the generations that would follow.

  3. The hummingbird gave me a smile because I've just posted about them on my blog. Great minds think alike! I saw my first ever Pileated Woodpecker here last week altho' not closeup like your gorgeous photo. We have occasional flickers and the smaller Hairy and Downy woodpeckers, but these larger ones are so impressive. I wish my flowers looked as good as yours, too. We have a church BBQ here on Sunday but there aren't many blossoms yet.

    Your great-grandparents' wedding announcement is a wonderful treasure. I hope you find lots of other useful information on your search.

  4. Thanks, Carol. I am finding lots of wonderful information, thanks to my cousin. Turns out Rosalie was a respected teacher at Ste-Anne des Chenes. She started in her home then with the presbytery. My mother remembered her as a no-nonsense woman.

  5. Hi Joylene,
    What beautiful pictures you have submitted.
    I've no doubt your research on your Metis heritage will be journey of ongoing fascinating discovery.
    Suddenly I've got a song by 'Seals and Crofts'..well... humming in my head...
    'Hummingbird don't fly away, fly away. Hummingbird don't fly away fly away...'
    Have a great weekend. With respect, Gary :-)

  6. Gary~! I've been humming that same tune! What a coincidence!

    Happy blogging.


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