Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Writing The Breakout Novel Workbook

Since beginning Donald Maass' Writing The Breakout Novel workbook exercises, we've covered these 10 topics:  

1. Turn Your Story into Breakout Novel,
2. Introduce Your Protag as if He Were Your 1st Born.
3. Is Your Protagonist Too Predictable?
4. Unforgettable.
5. Is Your Antagonist Believable?
6. Are You Using Setting to Your Full Advantage?
7. When to Use Backstory.
8. Weak POV - Fix it.
9. Do You Have Enough Disaster in Your Novel?
10. Stay Out of the Slush Pile - Add Plot Layers.

Tomorrow we'll talk about his chapter on querying agents and publishers. After I read the chapter only once, I wanted to go out and pitch the sequel to Broken But Not Dead. The chapter is that much of a confidence builder. Join me tomorrow and we'll learn what agents like Donald Maass are looking for in a query letter.


  1. Good thing that's something I know, right? ;)

    You've covered so many highlights of his book and I've enjoyed reading your 'take' on what he says. It's a very useful refresher course. I'll be back for tomorrow's session.

  2. Great, Carol. I'd love to get your take on Maass' exercise on The Pitch.


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