Saturday, July 10, 2010

We Had Babies, Lots of Babies

As each hen had chicks, I moved them into the hay trailer so they wouldn't be bothered by the roosters. The only problem was 4 hens had chicks in the same day, and after going back to the hen house for the fourth hen, I returned to find 2 hens battling it to the death over whose chicks belonged to whom. I intervened by picking up one of the hens, no easy feat, and calming everyone down. Apparently Kissinger I am not. This hen isn't actually the mother of these chicks.

The larger yellow duckling was a loner deserted by his parents just a few weeks after his birth. I, of course was distressed over this, but he seems to have adapted just fine. He loves playing with new babies.

Same thing happened to this mother. Not all these ducklings are hers. I think there's a lesson to be learned here.

My grandchildren only wanted one thing, "Can I hold one?"

Not even a day old and already he's climbing. Wonder how long before I catch him up on the roof?

They are as cuddly as they look.

This little guy was born yesterday. An angel today, a pain in the butt tomorrow. Especially once he has horns.

The Twins


  1. First I have to say your grandkids have the most beautiful eyes.

    We've raised hens and chick in the past and those old girls can be nasty but not near as nasty as some of the roosters. These days all we have is a big fat kitty.

    Raising animals is very time consuming, but great fun all the same. Sometimes I miss it.

    Love all the photos!

  2. They are all such gorgeous babies (including your grandbabies, although I guess they wouldn't like to be called babes anymore).

    The adorable balls of fluff have no idea the ruckus they're causing and the work they're creating for you. It must be a full time job.

    Thanks for sharing the photos.

  3. Those blue-eyed grandkids of yours are gorgeous!

    And the cuteness meter is off the charts with all the fuzzy, feathered babies! We have a little over an acre, and I keep wanting a small chicken coop...maybe 4-5 hens (no roosters), because they're cute and because I want to have my own free-range organic eggs...but husband swears they're stinky and a lot of work. (thoughts?) I'd be greatly tempted to add a ducky to the mix, but I imagine it would need something to swim in.

    Thanks for sharing the baby goats and chickies and ducklings with us. So adorable.

    Happy weekend,

  4. Laura, thank you. They have their father's eyes, or should I say great-grandfather. I have to admit that with all the babies expected, it feels as if all my time is taken up with the farm these days. But I love it.

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Carol and admiring all my babies. Even the big ones leave me with the same reaction. I just want to hug them big time.

  6. Hi Lola. About the chickens; you're asking the wrong person. I have always liked chickens. Since I was a kid. We had 14K when I was growing up.

    These days I care for about 80, 40 of whom are chicks. I think they're marvellous creatures, except I would advise not to have too many roosters. One per 5 hens is plenty.

    Some of the bantam hens are the best mums I've ever seen. They'd fight to the death to protect their babies.

    A lot of work? Not really. I collect eggs once a day, make sure they have water and feed, then they're on their own until the next day. I spend a bit more time when they have chicks just because chicks are typical kids and can get in trouble easily.

    Hope that helps.


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