Thursday, August 19, 2010

Forest Fires Rampant in BC

As you can see by the photographs below, the forest fires in our region have grown and the smoke is rolling in. Hopefully, today the winds will die and the smell won't be so yucky tonight.

To all those forest fighters battling these fires, our gratitude and our best wishes for your safety.


  1. We're heading north tomorrow morning. We'll still be east of the the Williams Lake area fire but are a bit anxious about the direction it's going. Fortunately it hasn't jumped the Fraser River, and hopefully it won't. I think on your map we're located about where the second "L" in "Williams Lake" is. Like you, we're ever so thankful for the efforts of the fire fighters.

    (I sure laughed at Dave's comments about map place names the other day. I love how his mind works!)

  2. How very dreadful. I do hope no one is injured.

  3. Carol, maybe check with before you leave to find out if any of the roads are closed. That would save getting halfway there and having to turn back. On the news this morning, areas around Williams Lake looked bad. Flames were well past the tops of trees.

    Have a safe journey.

  4. Carole, so far hundreds of people have been evacuated but no one's been hurt. That's a blessing.

  5. Be careful up there (You too Carol) - I hope you have a plan in place just in case. (& I hope you don't have to ever implement it.)

    Will expect updates .....

  6. I dread the thought of forest fires. Summer is wonderful if only we didn't have to worry about such things.

    I hope things are soon under control.

  7. I'm with you, Laura. My neigbhour's cabin burned to the ground last night. It was a scary thing to watch. After I went to bed, I gave thanks for my home.


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